Every day of my life.

Lucy. The geek. The one who sits in the library because she likes it! the one who is kicked. Shoved. Her food thrown at her. Her glasses snapped. her teeth punched in. Who did this? Why? She is having suicidal thoughts. Will she go through with it?


5. Friday.

Second period. Music. The one lesson I hate. The teacher is never here so I am free to be ridiculed, shouted at, pushed, shoved. The list is endless. I scurried into class as the bell went and I saw everyone look at me. Some with sorrow, some with anger, and one with helpfulness. Charlie Stone. I got into my seat, in the middle of the front row,  and started studying for the pop quiz I knew we would get next week. I was reading over my notes for our next lesson when my thoughts started to wander. I thought back to the days in the locker. With Dan. How I thought he actually liked me. Loved me. I was wrong. I snapped back into the real world when I felt something hit me at the back of the neck. I looked around and standing there was Charlie Stone.

"Hey Lucy" He smiled at me

"H-Hey Charlie" I managed to say before turning back to my desk hands in my lap

"That was for you you know" He whispered throwing the piece of paper at my feet.

" Bye Lucy" He said then turning round and heading back to his seat. 

I pocketed the paper and felt someone behind me. I turned around and standing there was Charlie, Harry and Toby. I looked at Charlie and he mouthed 'I'm sorry'. Before I knew it I was in the corner being punched and kicked. Over and over. I looked up to see Harry's face over mine. Then it all went black.


Charlie's P.O.V

I saw them kicking and punching her. Lucy was cowering in a corner. The called me to join in. I didn't say no. I made my way over there with a smile on my face. But then I saw her face. I mouthed to her 'I'm sorry' As i joined in the 3:1 fight.


-End of P.O.V-






I woke up at home. I couldn't work out why I was there. I looked at the clock. 2:45pm. School would be letting out soon. I fell back and went to sleep.


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