The Worlds

Growing up we all heard stories about heaven and hell but most imagined they were just that, stories. Did you ever imagine you would live to find the truth? Good and evil are labels but what if some evil was good and some good seemed evil?


2. The Gates

Manipulating your way past the gates of hell is trickier than most would think. I have never done it before but I have heard stories of demons brave enough to test the limits. Down here word travels rather quickly.

Even the news about my deciding to help the humans has been going around. If I don't get out of here before Balram catches up with me, hope and anything peaceful will die along with earths chances to survive the apocalypse.

Balram is the beloved favorite of my our master who claims to have seen and spoken to satin himself; Bal would stop at nothing to please all whom are above him.

Now you see angels and demons can't just pop up on peoples shoulders and communicate with them as we please. It's much more difficult. In order to penetrate the human world passing the gates isn't the only obstacle; there is a vail.

The vail is where those who escape can travel the grounds without the acknowledgement from humans. Now I'm sure you can see how that can become an issue for their safety. But I have to get out of the vale; I need the humans to see me. I need to convince them that I am different and that I just want to help.

The only way to do that is to give a grim reaper a soul. And the only way to accomplish that is to kill someone; unless your friends with a reaper who knows how to bend the rules if the vale.

In which case makes me one lucky girl. Taking one life wouldn't stop me from saving millions but I would prefer not to have that on my conscience.

Chapter two done. Comment and tell me what you guys think so far. I know this chapter is a little shorter but that is only because it's a filler. The other chapters will be longer and more interesting. <3 Until next time

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