The Worlds

Growing up we all heard stories about heaven and hell but most imagined they were just that, stories. Did you ever imagine you would live to find the truth? Good and evil are labels but what if some evil was good and some good seemed evil?


3. My Grim Reaper

Cartic is a grim reaper. He takes the souls of people who's time has run out giving them a choice between the vail or their uncertain destination.

One rule of the vail that not even the most rebellious of reapers can break, is telling a human their future after the life they have lived on earth. Those who are scared of the grave they dug for themselves or they simply can't bring themselves to let go, seem to choose the vail so they can avoid the consequences of their decisions and in the mind of some, it is a way to stay with their families.

There is one thing reapers always fail to mention, if a spirit chooses to stay in the vail you are stuck there and you can't leave. That would explain why there are always spirits roaming But Cartic is my friend and if anything I am certain that passing the vail is the simple part, it's getting past hell's gates with it's guards that troubles me.

I've risked everything and dug myself our from hell and it's deepest pits. We may not be in human form but anyone in here knows exactly who every black cloud is. We may all look the same in our true form but we are still separate individuals.

I may have underestimated the difficulty of my mission but that's not going to convince me not to do the right thing. I suppose the wisest move would be to create a diversion but know one ever claimed me to be wise so my "plan" consists of winging it.

And as unrealistic as it may sound the guards were nearly a myth as I turned the corner. Wow. Easier than I thought.

Chapter three lovelies. Hope you enjoyed it. It may seem short but as soon as I get out of the filler chapters and get to the action it will get more interesting I promise. Leave comments. Suggestions or criticism I take both into <3 until next time

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