Dreaming of You

Lowley House is said to be haunted. Haunted by a cursed dead girl. Her name is Anna Lowley, and she can kill with a touch. So when a group of adolescents arrive in Lowley House to stay, Anna plans to kill them...kill them all... Follow the story of the protagonists, two teenagers named Ryder and Nirvana, as they try to save themselves-and help put Anna to rest...


10. The Rhyme.

Anna Lowley,

Oldest of three,

Was just eighteen,

Her childhoods been and gone;

She killed them off,

Without a thought,

One, two, three, four,

Parent, child, sweet doll,

The Doll was sweet,

The Doll was cursed,

The Doll was rags,

The Doll is dead.

Beware her curse,

Beware her stare,

Beware her touch,

For you'd be dead,

Would you believe,

It's down to the Doll,

The Doll her parents tried to kill?

Buttons by name,

Buttons to tame,

Chop, chop, chop, chop!

Kill, kill, kill, kill!





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