Dreaming of You

Lowley House is said to be haunted. Haunted by a cursed dead girl. Her name is Anna Lowley, and she can kill with a touch. So when a group of adolescents arrive in Lowley House to stay, Anna plans to kill them...kill them all... Follow the story of the protagonists, two teenagers named Ryder and Nirvana, as they try to save themselves-and help put Anna to rest...


1. Prologue-The Dream.

        It all started with a dream, a voodoo dolls curse, and rain. The night sky was bleak, and cloudy with the promise of heavy rain or a thunderstorm. Anna Lowley liked thunderstorms and rain, especially in Lowley house-it reminded her of Professor Xavier's school, all big and massive and vines creeping up the brickwork and around the big windows. 

  Anna was an easy, intimate partner with sleep, and always managed to slip into dreams peacefully and quicker than the rest of her family. She was a strange but very beautiful child, and she was very well loved in her family, so when Anna turned seventeen, they bought her a little rag doll, with button eyes and soft linen for the body. 

        But her family started to worry, as she became more and more obsessed with the doll, even taking it to important places and events, like birthdays. What was more disturbing is that Anna started to dress the doll the same as her, and speak to her as if she was real.

        One year later, when Anna was eighteen, and was asleep, her parents took the doll away from her silent form. That night, Anna started to dream of killing people, with only a touch. Then, she dreamt of a handsome boy and  pretty girl, and their gorgeous group of friends, who came to live in the Lowley House, and torture her mum and dad and brother and sister. She wanted to protect her family from these people. Anna dreamt of hanging her family, so they would not have to be tortured. She dreamt of her little rag doll coming alive and helping her.

        The next morning, the entire Lowley family was found dead, hanging in the living room. All except one. All except Anna.








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