Forbidden Love

Aria is a freshman as Hillside High School. Her first day of high school turns out more differently than she expected. Hanna, Spencer, and Emily are her best friends. They have one class together. Aria has a great time the night before, she made out with a boy in the bathroom. Only to find out the boy she liked was her English teacher. With a blackmailer already ruining their life after the death of their best friend can she put love into her life, not just love, but a hidden relationship from even her best friends. Can she keep her relationship til she is legal or will it break apart? ( Fandom: Pretty Little Liars)


2. Hot for Teacher

My alarm starts buzzing. I slowly opened my eyes. There stands Mike with his lacrosse uniform on.  "Yo, sleepy head, get up, don't want to be late on your first day at school." I smile and point him out of the room. I didn't want to get up, I didn't want to reunite with Hanna,Emily and Spencer. All this drama with the police and Alison missing, it was too much. I did stay in contact with Spencer but Emily and Hanna, they never called, or texted. I think they didn't want anymore drama, they didn't want to talk to a friend who had a little bit of happiness. I sit up. I felt my hair, gosh it was a mess. I changed into my maroon dress and slip on my leather jacket. After I brushed the knots out of my hair, I grabbed my bag and headed down the stairs. The kitchen was chaos. Mike was running around yelling " Have you seen my lacrosse stick?" and my mother pouring milk into 4 bowls of cereal. My father was typing on his laptop while attempting to drink coffee and read the newspaper. I drop my bag on my seat and slowly sit down. " Hey sweetie, do you want decaf?" my mother says so sweetly but I could hear her struggle of trying to do 5 things at once. "I will get it mom." I stand up and grabbed the coffee pot, and as I was pouring the coffee, Mike rams into me, the coffee pots falls on the counter and splashes all over me and mom. " MIKE!" I yell. He starts to crack up. My face cringed. " I just didn't notice how.. hot you were." he cracks up. His little pun was kinda funny. I started to laugh. I grabbed my cup and dumped it on his head. His face was priceless. He chased me around the kitchen and out the door. I had to drive him to school so I couldn't do something worse. He tried to make me take a wrong turn so we could be late and he could blame it on me. I dropped him off by the football field. " See ya later sis." he yells as he closes the car door. I drove to the parking lot. I turned the car off. I just sat there. I didn't want to face everyone, everyone still asking questions after 2 years. I opened the door. I slammed it and make my way to the school. I kept thinking about the boy from the Apple Rose Grill. His sweet lips... I was going to think more but someone pushed me to the ground. " You got to what wear you are going." the girl said. I started to get up. She held her hand for me. She pulled me up. She kinda looked familer, oh my gosh it is Spencer. " Spencer?" I ask. She smiles. She hugged me. " Girls , this is school not a reunion, reunite at lunch." a familer voice. I turned but the guy was faced the other way, I watched him go up the stairs.  Spencer taps me on the shoulder. " Hey, Aria? Earth to Aria." I turn back to her. "Yeah sorry."

She filled me on everything. How Emily was doing, what she did over the summer. Spencer and I walked into the English room. I took a seat near the back, she sat across from me. Then walked in a girl with beautiful curly blonde hair and diamond sunglasses, and behind her was a black haired girl. Their perfect shiny hair reminded me of a shampoo commercial . Then it hit me, oh my gosh that was Hanna and the old school joke Mona.  I turned to Spencer. " When did that happen?" she gave me a concerned face. " Hanna and Mona are now the Queen Bees, they started to rule the school." I rolled my eyes. My phone buzzed. I heard the teacher walk in but I didn't care, my mother texted me about going after school shopping. "Hello I am Mr.Fitz." the teacher said. I heard the chalk on the chalkboard. His voice sounded familer. I looked up, right as he turned around. " Oh my god." he says staring straight at me. Everyone in class turns to me. My phone buzzes. " Sorry, I forgot to turn it off." I look to my phone:


From: Unknown

Subject: ______


Maybe he fools around with students all of the time. A lot of teachers do. Just ask your dad. -A


Alli? I thought in my head. I turned off my phone and focused on the main issue here, I made out with my English teacher!


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