Forbidden Love

Aria is a freshman as Hillside High School. Her first day of high school turns out more differently than she expected. Hanna, Spencer, and Emily are her best friends. They have one class together. Aria has a great time the night before, she made out with a boy in the bathroom. Only to find out the boy she liked was her English teacher. With a blackmailer already ruining their life after the death of their best friend can she put love into her life, not just love, but a hidden relationship from even her best friends. Can she keep her relationship til she is legal or will it break apart? ( Fandom: Pretty Little Liars)


1. Back from Iceland

Today is the day I finally got home from Iceland. Being away from my friends was hard but after what happened to Alison,I really needed it. I can't seem to shake off how Alison could have just gone missing. The scenes of the night in Spencer's barn, her laughing flash before my eyes. Someone shook me out of it. It was Mike, my brother. "Hey, come on, I need a ride to Conner's."

I gave him a smile. "Yeah, one sec, let me get the keys." When he walks out, my phone buzzes. I run to my bed to check it. 

From: Spencer

Subject: Welcome Home!!! :D


Welcome Home! So how was Iceland? Meet any cute guys? Tell me the details! :D


I smiled at the text. I started to reply when Mike appeared at my bedroom door again. " Hey, what happened to driving me to Conner's?" I turn. " Yeah, sorry got sidetracked." I grabbed my bag and the keys off my bedside table and walked behind Mike. We walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. " Hey mom, I am driving Mike to Connor's." My mom basically ignored the fact her daughter was driving her son somewhere without a full plan of how long it was going to take. She just nodded and went back to reading her book. Mike snuck out the door. I walked behind him. After I drove him to Connor's I decided to get some dinner at the Apple Rose Grill. I parked and walked inside and said at the counter. " Can I have a hamburger and a coke"  I said to the bartender. " Yeah." he punched something in. " $5.50 total." I handed him the cash and he handed me my coke. I sat there looking at the poster on the wall.

                                               MISSING PERSON


                                                  If you see this person please call

                             REWARD: $1,000


I was about to break out into tears when someone taps me on the shoulder. A boy. He looked cute. " Hey, I'm Ezra." I felt myself starting to blush. "I'm Aria."  I looked back to my bag and pulled out my diary and started to write. " Are you a writer?" he asks. I look up again. " Yeah, kinda, but this is kinda personal and not meant for anyone else." He nods. "I get it, so what are you majoring in?"

I smile. " English, I like it alot." He nods. " Thats funny, I am starting my first teaching job in english." I smiled again and he smiled at me. I ended the night making out with him in the bathroom.


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