Cupid's Bow | h.s -Complete-

"The love I give is unlike any other. It lasts." "What about the love you receive?"
"You deserve a love that will risk everything for you."
"Harry! Please...No!"

"What are you?"

Book One in the Elysium Series. All books can be read separately.


4. "Talk to me"

    It turns out I'm absolutely terrible at staying away from you. It's a very serious problem.” 
                                                                 ― Kiera Cass


I woke up before Harry did and I was glad. I got to take a moment to admire the way he slept and how his warm hands desperately grasped onto me.

I brushed a fingertip over the curls flopped on his forehead and down his cheek, to his lips.

"Harry" I whispered. "Harry."


"Why are you sleeping still?"

"I'm tired" he mumbled.

"Please get up."

"V...go to sleep."

"The sun is up and we should be up too."

He huffed out and sat up, unconsciously taking me with him. "Your back is all moist."

He craned his neck to look over his shoulder and sighed when he saw what I was talking about. "I have night sweats."

" that a human thing?"

"Sure" he chuckled. "Do you want some food?"

"What kind of food?"

"Maybe not the kind you're used to but I can try."


That morning Harry showed me around his home and then led me to the kitchen where he made breakfast. I was awed by the way he worked and moved around the kitchen. Everything he made for me was new and inviting. Some tasted pretty good and others not so much but it was all thoughtful.

After eating and out foul attempt to clean, Harry brought out his cat. "Say, hi Molly" he said adoringly to the creature.

"I'm sorry" I pouted towards it, petting down the fur on its back. "I didn't mean to step on you."

"It didn't hurt her too much" he assured me, scanning over the felines body. He kissed the head and set it down on the floor, watching it scurry away.

I picked at my fingers as more time passed. I didn't want to leave and I knew Harry didn't want me to. I had to think of someth-

"Do you want to watch a movie?" he suggested, breaking me out of my thoughts. 


I sat on his sofa and watched as he went through a case full of even smaller cases. "Ever seen Grease?"

"They have a movie about Greece? Like mt. olympus and everything?"

"No" he laughed, "It's a classic that involves a lot of singing."

"That sounds okay."

It was a bit chilly in his house so he grabbed a blanket for the two of us. It was nice to leaning against his shoulder and watching them sing and dance to their own music. At one point when the main characters kissed, I felt a strange feeling warm my belly. I looked up at Harry and he curiously peered down at me.

"Look" I said pointing at the screen, "they're kissing."

"Yeah" he laughed, "is that seriously new for you?"

"Well...sort of" I shyly smiled. Gosh, I'm like some strung teen.

"In that case" he said, turning his lengthy torso towards me so we were face to face, "I am honored to have been your first kiss" he proudly stated.

"Can we do it again?"



"Go for it" he said, a twitch to his lip that could only be identified as The Harry Smirk. 

My eyes slightly widened and my mouth fell open with unspoken words. "I...uh...You want me to kiss you?"


"Do I just lean in?" I nearly whispered. I mean, I kissed him the night before when he was sleep but then he wasn't expecting me to and it was just a small one.

"Yeah, don't think, just do."

Without thinking--like he told me to-- I leaned closer and connected our lips. It was soft and warm like something a mom would make for her kids birthday. Not mine of course.

Harry grabbed both my hands and set them on his shoulders. "Keep your hands here" he gently mumbled against my lips and then continued to kiss them. Now that I had a place for my hands I had a new kind of control that I wanted. I pulled on them and it brought Harry closer.

Again, I felt the warm tingly thing slide across my lips. This time I didn't yelp or pull away, I welcomed it to the place where it wanted to be. Harry's tongue felt oddly nice in my mouth. I used my own to touch his. I guess I was doing the right thing because a rough sound escaped him and he set his hands on my waist, squeezing softly.

Something was bubbling inside me and the next thing I knew...I moaned.

Geez, I moaned and moved my hands to the curls on his nape and pulled at them.

He made that sound again and I practically lost it. I leaned so far onto him that he fell back and I landed on top of him. Harry grasped at my hips and bit at my lip. I should've been weirded out for sure but no, it made me needier.

Harry pulled away and looked up at me so breathlessly. My eyes widened as I stared down at him. One of my hands subconsciously clenched onto his bare shoulder and the other flattened on his chest as I sat up astride him.

"What's wrong?" he asked.


He sat up and his nose slightly brushed mine while our gazes locked. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Because you would know" I teased.

His soft smile brought one to my face too. "Talk to me."

"It's silly, really."

"Tell me" he said, softly pinching my sides.

I sighed and confessed, "I feel like I'm turning into my mom."

"Isn't that a good thing?"

"Sort of."

"Well tell me about your mom. She must not be that bad if you turned out perfectly fine" he smiled.

"My mom is the goddess of the soul which is a pretty big deal but she wasn't always that way. She use to be a princess and she was the most beautiful woman anyone had ever seen. The humans praised her and Aphrodite-"

"The goddess of love?"

"Oh but you've never heard of Eros?" I laughed.

"Cupid, yes. Eros, no."

"Anyways, Aphrodite didn't like it. So she sent my father to punish her. Instead he fell in love with her. Blah Blah Blah wraths of Aphrodite later, my mother married my father and became a goddess."

"And what's wrong with that."

"Harry...I've been living for thousands of years and being a goddess just isn't fun anymore. My mother could've been normal but instead she fell in love."

"My mum tells me that love changes people and makes them want better things."

"Being a goddess I can't make my own decisions. I have to follow my father's orders and it sucks."

"What are you the goddess of?"

I felt the warmth travel up my neck and land on my face. I turned away to the movie that was still playing. 

"Come on, tell me" he chuckled. 

I bit my lip and looked back at him. "Promise you won't laugh?"


"I, Volupta in roman mythology and Hedone in greek, am the goddess of sensual pleasures."

Harry's mouth gaped open and his eyes went a strange shade darker.

"And I haven't even kissed a guy until last night!" I continued, burying my face into his shoulder.

"Do you not like that title?"

"No, it's embarrassing." I backed away to look at him. "I mean, how old do I look?"

"About eighteen-nineteen."

"And you'd expect me to be sexually active, right?"


"But I'm not! I don't like that title when it doesn't fit me."

"Let me show you something."


"Come on" he insisted. He lifted me off of him and helped me on my feet. He stood too and shut off the television before grabbing my hand and leading me to the back of his house.

He opened a sliding door and I was met to a lovely garden with all types of flowers.

"This is my mum's pride and joy. Well...besides me of course" he joked.

He took me to a bench that was set before a bunch of pretty white flowers.

"These are jasmine's. They're my favorite and the smell pretty nice too." He picked one and held it up to my nose. I took a big whiff and smiled, "That does smell nice."

"Watch this."

He grabbed a lot of the jasmine's and started weaving them together. I watched and wondered how his long fingers worked together to make such a cool thing.

He held it up for me to see. "It looks like a halo" I commented.

He shrugged, "It can be if you want it to be." He set it on top of my curly blonde hair and smiled down at me. He grabbed my hand and helped me to stand up in front of him. He looked at me almost...adoringly.


"You are now the goddess of beauty."

"There's already one and her name is Aphrodite" I smiled.

" are my goddess and that means so much more" he murmured, leaning down and kissing me below the eye.


He softly kissed both of my cheeks and then my lips. 

I had no other words to say. He was so caring.

I know that I, the daughter of cupid, am the cause of love and pleasure but if there was someway I could fall in love. If any of it would be real...I'd want it to be Harry.

He could own it all.



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