Cupid's Bow | h.s -Complete-

"The love I give is unlike any other. It lasts." "What about the love you receive?"
"You deserve a love that will risk everything for you."
"Harry! Please...No!"

"What are you?"

Book One in the Elysium Series. All books can be read separately.


6. Believe in me

                           “I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I love you.” 
                                                      ― Richelle Mead


Freshly bathed and my mind set on one thing, I opened the wall with my mind and carefully walked through. Harry was sleep...again but it made me wonder why.

It was daylight out and I thought everyone would be out. I gently breathed out a nervous breath and made a cautious step towards him. In that step I discovered his shaky breathing and his shoulders doing the same. He sniffled and my mouth gaped in shock.

Was he crying?

"Harry are you okay?" I rushed out as I made my way to his bed where he was blanketed under the covers. He jumped to sit up and remove the covers, wiping at his face as he chocked out, "V?"

"Yeah" I smiled, "why are you crying?"

"I-I wasn't crying" he said, obviously lying. I let it go just because I had a pretty good guess about what was making him upset.

"I have so much to tell you. My father said that it wa-"

"Come here" he cut me off--smoothly I might add--and grabbed my face to bring to his and kiss me.

I smiled against his lips and laid my hands on top of his. It was sweet and I missed it...missed him.

He pulled away and smiled at me. "Are you staying this time? Longer than before?"

I didn't know about staying permanently but right now I'd stay as long as it felt right. "I'm staying" I smiled.

"That's...that's great! Now I can show you cool things instead. I'm sure mines aren't as cool but it will still be fun." He had the widest grin on his face and his dimples gloriously showed with it. I leaned up and kissed one of them. His cheeks turned red as he gazed at me with his mouth slightly gaped. 

"That was sudden" he chuckled.

"These little dimples are so cute" I giggled, reaching up and poking one. "I have some too."

His thumb grazed my cheeks as he examined my face. "No you don't."

"My father says that when I was a baby I liked to be naked. I know, embarrassing. Anyway, he noticed that I had dimples on my back instead of my face."

"Oh...u-um, I think I've seen them before."

"Really? That's a human thing? I'm dumb" I laughed.

He looked down at his lap and mumbled something. I hear something along the lines of 'A hot human thing' and my cheeks warm.

"Um, is your mother here?" I ask instead of bring up how these dimples are 'hot'.

He nodded his head. "But we can just sneak out. She's probably in her room watching films."

"Out? around a lot of people?"

"Yes" he said skeptically, scrunching his eyebrows. "Is there a problem?"

"I just...I'll have to be in my human form."

"Why are you worried about that?" he lightly chuckled.

I thought hard about what really bothered me or what made me feel shy about the situation I was going to put myself in. So in a small voice that didn't even sound like my own I said, "It will be the first time the public will see me."

"But I thought that when you aim your-"

"Yes, but that's for seconds. They will actually see me for the first time. They'll stare and talk and I won't know what to do."

"I'll be with you, V. All you'll probably have to say is 'hi' and 'Thanks'."


"So when they say we look cute together" he laughed. "I have to shower but just wait here. I'll be back okay?"

I nodded.

He quickly kissed my cheek and left out of his room, leaving me smiling with a warm face.

After his shower, damp hair and all, we left. I was nervous, of course. Putting on my human facade wasn't in my daily routine. Harry told me that in his eyes I still looked the same. Blonde hair and all.

He held my hand, guiding me through his neighborhood and leaving me with eager eyes to see more.

"What's in there?" I asked, pointing to a little shop with a silly title. The CreamScope 

"Ice cream. Want some?"

"Of course!"

Harry took me into the small building that smelled of sweets. 

"Hello, what would you like today?" the man behind the counter asked us. Harry spoke first, replying with "Can we have two samples of...Which one looks best?"

"The rainbow one."

"So the Superman?" the man asked. Harry nodded.

He gave us each a small spoonful of the ice cream and I immediately put it in my mouth. It was cold and melted on my tongue in all it's sweet, creamy goodness.

"You like it?"

I eagerly nodded, making him smile. He asked the man for two cones of it and soon after everything was set we left the shop with our treat.

"This is...great" I breathed out.

"Don't eat it so fast. You might get a brain freeze."

"I wouldn't worry about it" I shrugged, "I think that's a human thing."

He laughed and slung his arms around my shoulder as we continued walked down the road.

"Where to next?"

"We're going to the bakery where I work?"

"Are there more treats?"

"Yes" he laughed.

Once finished with our cold treats we headed into another place that was much warmer.

"Harry!" Older women greeted him. "And you brought a friend." "More like a special friend" another woman said, glancing between us where we held hands.

"Hi Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Elly."

"What brings you here? Your shift isn't for another two days."

"Just showing my friend around."

"What's your name, lovely?"

I nervously bit at my lip and put my hair behind my ear. "Volupta" I answered.

"That's a beautiful name."

"Thank you."

"Do you mind helping out while you're here? You can show Volupta how to make the danishes."

"Sure" he nodded, then tugging on my hand so I'd follow him. The door led to a smaller part of the shop with all types of things stacked on shelves.

"We're gonna make danishes, okay?" "Aren't they like little cakes?" "Sort of, yeah."

Harry left to grab two aprons and handed me one. I slipped it on and waited for Harry to finish tying his before asking him to do mine. We washed our hands and began.

The whole process was long and I think it was mainly my fault. Harry was being patient and encouraged me to try again when I'd mess up. Out of the things that I'm skilled at, the things Harry could do intrigued me more than anything. He handled the dough gently and told me things that to any ordinary would be useless but I found fascinating.

He made sure to make me smile when I was frustrated and laugh when I felt like giving up.

And in all of our overspent two hours in the back of that bakery, he made me happy.

Once the danishes were out of the oven and cooled we decided to put a powdery sweet substance on top.

"It's powdered sugar" he explained, pouring more into a little tin thing called a shifter.

I was staring down at the warm treats--barely able to wait to eat one-- when a thick cloud hit me in the side of my face. I gasped and squinted my eyes shut. "Harry!" I shrieked.

He laughed as I tried my best to wipe the powder sugar from my cheek. I dipped my hand into the sac of sugar, pulled out a handful, and threw it back at him. 

We both didn't even have the right to argue because it was just pure fun. Something I've only really experienced with Harry.

I didn't have time to react when Harry swooped down and gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek. I giggled--like the schoolgirl I was becoming--and lightly swatted him away. 

"You're sweet" he chuckled.

"Like the sugar?"


"You have some on your mouth now."

He bit at his lip and put a warm hand on my hip, drawing me closer. He leaned his head down until his forehead rest against mine and smiled, "You have some on you're eyelashes."

"So do you" I whispered as my eyes couldn't help but flutter shut from how close he was.

The next thing I knew I had soft, sweet lips pressed against mine. I held him around his neck just how he told me to before and pulled him closer. His tongue, that sneaky little thing, parted my lips and touched mine. 

The feeling I could only get from him came and I moaned against his moist lips. So desperate for his touch, my fingers wound themselves in his hair and I tugged on his curly strands.

There was a sharp few knocks to the door that made us pull away. "Harry, are you about done in there?"

He breathily laughed, cleared his throat and answered back. "Yes, Mrs. Elly."

"Just making sure you kids weren't fooling around."

We both looked at each other and couldn't help the burst of laughter that overcame us.


It was later now and after walking through the local park, making more flower crowns and learning--and failing--to play footie, I was exhausted.

Harry held my hand as we made our way back to his home. "I want you to meet my mum."

I nervously nodded, which he noticed and laughed, and continued walking beside him.

He unlocked the the door with the key he had and led me inside.

"Is that you, Harry?"

"Yes, mum. Come down, I want you to meet someone."


He turned his head and looked down at me, "Ready?"

I nodded, not really having another choice.

I heard the steps down the stairs and waited until a woman showed herself. She was beautiful.

"A girl!" she smiled.

"Yeah..." Harry mumbled.

"Hi, I'm Anne. You are?"


"Never heard that before. It's nice."

"Thank you."

"I love the streaks in your hair" she sweetly side. I raised a confused eyebrow. Streaks? 

"Thank you...?"

"So how do you know my Harry?" she smiled, staring adoringly at the boy next to me before turning her gaze back to me.

I opened my mouth to say something but every thought that came was nonsense or impossible.

"At the bakery" Harry quickly answered for me. "She loves danishes with extra sugar" he snickered, trying to pinch his lips together to keep from laughing.

"That's lovely. Well it's late hun. Was Harry taking you home or do you need a li-"

"Actually, mum, I was wondering if she could stay for the night. We'll be in the family room."

"That's fine. Just don't be so rowdy because I have work in the morning."

Harry eagerly nodded, received a kiss on the cheek from his mother--which he turned red from--and started prepping.

He had movies laid out for us and snacks. I was surprisingly craving the garbage food and couldn't wait to eat it. 

Harry suggested we make a 'fort'. I was all for it from the pictures he showed me and we quickly and excitedly made one. We made sure the television was visible and we could get in and out from the kitchen if we needed more snacks. The pillows were piled and the sheets blocked us from the rest of the world...At least that's what it felt like.

We watched hour after hour of movie and each one that passed Harry and I got more sleepy, cuddled closer. I ended up snuggled to his chest after the third movie, not really wanting to get up to change it to the fourth.

"I'm too tired to move" I whispered.

He lightly chuckled and started tracing letters on the back of my shoulder. "We can just sleep."

"I'd like that."

I felt a spreading warmth on the top of my head and guessed it as one of Harry's kisses. "You never told me what brought you back."

"My father told me some great news" I breathed out, "and I left my bow here" I smiled.

"I knew you did. I hoped you'd come back sooner to get it...not the next day."

"But I still came back" I mumbled, shivering from Harry's fingers continuously tracing on my skin.

"What are you doing?"

"Branding what's mines" he murmured with a teasing tone to his voice."

"Hmmm" I hummed, focusing on what exactly he was writing. Vertical, horizontal, vertical. H. 

I smiled and lifted my hand higher on his chest. I traced a V and he chuckled.

Soon the television screen dimmed from its lack of use and my eyelids closed shut. I held onto Harry tighter, hoping that this wouldn't be some sick dream. I wanted him. I needed him.

Hearing his soft snores brought joy to my heart. He got the peace he deserves along with so much more. 

"I love you, Harry."

I never believed in love. I believed in myself and my father giving it. Being with Harry brightened my sight so I could see in all the nooks and crannies what the true meaning of love was hiding. And now that I've whispered the words ever so softly I know what they mean.

You never believe in love. You believe in the person you love. 

I believed in this young boy so much that I'd let him carry my aged heart through the most dangerous streets and keep it safe. 

I'd let him take joy in anything even when it saddens me just so I can see him smile.

I'd let him be himself despite my concerns just so that he'd be pleased.

I'd cry out in pain to change for him just so I could make both of our lives easier.

I'd do anything because I loved him.

And I believed in him.




A/N: Sensing some foreshadowing lovelies? I updated mainly because I haven't in a while and because this member ID? ID! mentioned this story in one of her mumbles! It made me Uber happy and...yeah. Tell me what you guys think about this story so far and what you expect to happen next.



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