Lydia Brooke: Year One

Lydia Brooke, an eleven year old receives her Hogwarts letter. She lives alone with her father who remains oblivious to the fact that she is extraordinary. Unsure of whether or not to even share the knowledge of witches and wizards with her father Lydia begins to consider not even going.
Or never coming back.


1. The Letter

I wake up to the pounding of rain against my window, like a smith hammering flat heated metal. Sitting up, I throw away my covers and practically fly towards the open door. My cotton socks slip and slide on the smooth staircase as I rapidly descend in the hope of seeing my dad.

My rush was all for naught. He is already gone, off to work. Sighing, I turn away from Father's empty bedroom and shuffle to the kitchen to make some toast for breakfast. Lost in thought of what I would've told Father it burns, clouding out the rest of the sunshine in my early day. Not wanting to waste it I cover it in thick sticky jam to dull the horrendous taste of burnt bread. After that, I reach up and pull a thin chain that starts up the fan to clear the air of the stench.

I walk back up the stairs slowly to go get dressed but eventually decide to stay in my pajamas. I crawl back into bed and bundle all of my pillows and blankets around me the way I imagine my mother would've. I reach back, stretching my arm as far as it can get and pull a random book off of the shelf behind my headboard and begin to read.

Over thirteen hours later I am in the same position only asleep so I don't notice my dad come in and kiss me on the forehead before going to bed himself.

The next morning goes the same as before. Father is gone and I am sitting in bed reading another book, this one about a boy who finds a dragon egg and ends up going on quest after quest to fulfill his duty as a new Dragon Rider. It is a good book but I have read it before. I never seem to get tired of reading the same thing over and over yet I dearly welcome anything new.

Before I know it our grandfather clock downstairs is chiming a deep and long sound signaling noon. I have just gotten to an action filled part and slowly place my book on my bed, still reading as I do so.

Once I am downstairs I see the mail being pushed through the slot and run over to pick it up. It's all for Father. Walking into the kitchen I place the letters on the table for him.

A sandwich for lunch sounds good, doesn't it? I think to myself. Decidedly I grab two slices of white bread, jam, and peanut butter. Using a knife I spread the substances smooth and press them together completing my sandwich. Reaching up I snatch a glass from the cupboard and fill it with water.

Placing my meal before me I sit down at the table quickly and knock my water over, soaking the pile of mail.

"Oh no!" I whimper. I pick up a hand towel and wipe up my mess, drying each letter as best as I can.

That is when I notice it, a letter with my name on it that I hadn't seen before. The envelop was made of thick parchment and had no stamp. In emerald green ink it read:

Lydia Brooke

Upstairs Bedroom

King Street


Flipping it over I gaze at the seal of a large letter H. Surrounding it were four purple wax animals; A lion, a snake, an eagle, and a badger.

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