My Struggle

It was hard to breath. "Breath in and out! Stay strong!" The doctor yelled at me. I tried but then everything went black. I started to wake up a little but all I saw was my mom. My dead mom. My name is Emma and this is my story


6. The mall?

After work I walked home. When i got home the tv was on and the lights off. Mike, Sarah, and Jake were all on the couch covered in blankets and eating popcorn never taking their eyes off the screen, well except Jake who smiled at me as i walked away and up to my room. I have cancer yes but i want to live a normal life. Thats why my room is upstairs if you were wondering......When i first found out i had cancer my dad moved me downstairs so incase of an emergency it would be easier but when i turned about 10 i begged for my room back. anyways when i got upstairs i took a quick shower so that tomorrow i wont have to when i wake up for my early shift. "knock knock" Sarah said as she came in my room and sat next to me on my bed."what time are you working tomorrow?" she questioned me. "8-3" I said. "oh ok, how about i pick you up at 3 and we can eat there and then go to the mall?" she asked. "Yeah sure but whats the big thing this time?" i asked laughing a little, "Well this boy named David asked me out and i want something new to wear" she explained. "ohhhhh so you're in love?" i teased her. "well-" but before she could finish Mike and Jake came in. "There's a party here and i wasn't invited?" Mike asked as he sat down on my bed next to Sarah and Jake next to me on my other side. "no now get out!" Sarah shooed them away laughing as i got up and closed the door. "well i better let you go to sleep since its already 10 and you have to be up early" i laughed and nodded. After Sarah left i opened my laptop and started to watch "The Hunger Games" on Netflix. I went to bed around 1 AM. So much for getting my sleep. 

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