My Struggle

It was hard to breath. "Breath in and out! Stay strong!" The doctor yelled at me. I tried but then everything went black. I started to wake up a little but all I saw was my mom. My dead mom. My name is Emma and this is my story


8. My surprise at work

I woke up the next morning at 7. "Shit im late" i jumped out of bed and raced around my room trying ot get everything i need. After i got everything i jumped into the shower, and started my day. I started my walk to the store after i ate and showered. When I got there some other people were there too. John the baker, and Susan the other baker. Im the register and waitress. I unlocked the doors and apologized for being late. I double checked my watch. 7:50. I was 20 minutes late. I usually am supposed to get here around 7:30 so they can start to bake but i was a little late.  They went and started their jobs and I got my apron on and everything ready. The day went by slowly so slowly that by the time it was 1:00 I wanted to go home until Jake came into the store. JAKE. Wow he came in looking hotter than ever. He walked up to the register. "Hey Jake how can I help you?" I asked ready to take his order. "Hey um I'll have some pumpkin bread and a large coffee" he replied smiling at me. "Ok that will be $4.50" I told him as he handed me the money. "I'll see you tonight?" He asked me. "Are you coming over?" I asked. His smile widened "yeah will you be there?" He asked "um depending on the time but most of the night yeah" he chuckled "I'll be there all night. I'm sleeping over" My smile was huge by now. Why am I acting this way?! He smiled and waved goodbye as he walked out and turned right. I waited until he left and then screamed and Susan came over to me. "Are you okay?!" She asked flour all over her apron. "I'm fine" I said with a little laugh. "Ohhhhh you like him?" She said smiling and pointed to him sitting outside on the curb. "Oh shit! He's still here?!" I said looking out the window watching him play on his phone. Well not play texting it looks like. He's so cute and i think i have a crush now. Wow


"Bye guys!" I yelled as I walked out and into my sisters car to go to the mall. "Hey what's up?" She asked "nothing" I replied and my phone buzzed. I looked down. Confusion was plastered all over me. "What's wrong?" Sarah asked me looking over my shoulder

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