My Struggle

It was hard to breath. "Breath in and out! Stay strong!" The doctor yelled at me. I tried but then everything went black. I started to wake up a little but all I saw was my mom. My dead mom. My name is Emma and this is my story


5. Jake

They let me go home about 5 hours after I woke up which was 12:00 PM. When I got home my dad and Sarah made me lunch while I went to take a shower. When I came down dressed in jeans and a hoodie somebody was standing at the counter with my brother sister and dad. "Hey" I said as I went over and stood next to Sarah. "Hey. Emma this is my friend Jacob." I looked at him. Very tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and very muscular. "Hey call me Jake" he said and smiled. "Hey I'm Emma but you can call me Em" I said nervously shaking his hand. I have to be honest, he is hot. My dad interrupted us. "Lunch is ready. Sit at the table please" We all nodded taking our plates and sitting down in our usual spots. I sit next to Sarah and Mike usually but Mile let Jake have his seat. Nobody really talked much during lunch until my phone rang. "Its B" I said quietly as Classic was playing (her ring tone and her have song) "hey" i said washing my plate and putting it in the dishwasher and running upstairs. "WHAT THE HELL EM! YOU WOULDNT ANSWER MY CALLS SO I ASKED MIKE AND HE SAID YOU WERE IN THE HOSPITAL?! WHY DIDNT YOU TEXT OR CALL ME?!?!!?!? I HAD TO FIND OUT FROM YOUR BROTHER!!!!" She screamed at me. I sighed " Well first off i didn't have my phone, and second i thought my dad called you" i explained. "well no one told me" she argued. "I'm sorry ill text you asap next time" i told her. "ok and I'm almost at your house" "what do you mean 'almost?"  i asked walking down stairs to open the door  knowing when she says 'almost' it means she's here. "well-" she started but before she could finish i opened the door to see her sitting on our porch swing texting on her phone. "hey" i said and she looked up and came and hugged me. "i thought you were-" i stopped her. "Don't say it" i begged. "i won't" she agreed and we went into the house. "B's here!" i yelled and my dad and Sarah both came out of the kitchen "Hey B" Sarah said as she hugged her. "hi Brittany" my dad said and hugged her as well. "hey B" Mike said coming down the stairs with Jake right behind him. "Hey Mike" she replied and hugged him back. Mike and B are real close friends but both have girlfriends and boyfriends. At one point they both liked each other and wanted to date but never told each other and neither did i but they fell in love with someone else, thankfully. "ok well we'll be in my room" i told everyone as we ran past them and up the stairs because i have to tell B about how awesome Jake is. "Who's that hottie?" she asked me thinking about him i assumed. "mine" i replied and she looked at me like i was crazy. "you can't date your brothers best friend" she told me giving me a look. I sighed "yes i can but it would be hard" she looked at me and smiled. "but he wouldn't have to know about it and plus you have to get to work in 2 hours so we have to talk about him later." i laughed "thats 2 hours and its a 10 minute dire" i laughed some more "but what were going to say?" i asked serious now. "well you don't even know if he likes you right now and he's not your boyfriend because he hasn't even really talked tp you i take it because you don't even know his last name" i stood there thinking what to say….. " well I'm sure ill find that out" i said taking out my phone. I pulled up IMessage and texted Sarah. "Whats Jakes last name?" i asked her. About like 2 seconds later she replied "Smith….. why?" i smiled. "oh but i do know his last name. It's Smith" i smiled bigger. "But you just ugh never mind" we both laughed as i got on my work clothes. I work at a bakery right down the street its a 20 minute walk and 10 minute car ride but i dont care." It pays well for a teenager. B and i just talked for the 2 hours and then she dropped me off at work

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