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I was walking the the street with all these fan looking and screaming liam baby i love you there was there was one,one that was cryin in a corner saying that she love him that she cut her self almost tried to suicied i looked at her and said come with me. He look in her eyes and said you beautiful while she kept crying she looks up and says out of all those beautiful girls you chose the ugliest one out of them all why!he answer and said because your beautiful she stopped and said can i have a selfie he daid instead what about a kiss��he stop they kiss she started having fun and getting in to it liam was happy he had found the girl of his dreams he ad her had sex he stuck his penis up her ass and said i dont want to hear from you he gave her his number and walked away went to another girl lima was frightened telling harry gis mistake telling hime he might have a kid liam was frighten 23days after she called and said he had gaven her a baby he was scared but she was gettig back at him for that she let the sex type out his life was ruined !!


1. New chapter

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