You and I

A teenage girl named Karlie and Harry Styles fall in love. They are committed to the relationship and cant stand to be away from each other. This story tells about a relationship that we dream about having. But will it really last forever?


2. Chapter 2

 He looked up from his phone and smiled. "And I'm Harry." He said, sounding slightly confused. Karlie smiled. "So," he said, "Why did you come over here to introduce yourself?". Now was when Karlie's heart started racing really fast. "I couldn't help but notice," she started, "that you are really handsome." Harry was quiet for a moment then he smiled and said, "Well, thank you. I think that you are a pretty cute girl." Karlie was really freaking out inside now. She smiled and said, "Thanks." There was an odd moment of silence before Harry said, "So, I take it that you are single?" Karlie nodded, since she practically was speechless. "I am too." Harry said, "We should really go out together sometime." Karlie barely had to think before saying, "Yeah, we should! I think I'm free tonight." They both smiled. "Well I am too," Harry started, "so i guess we have a date?" Karlie replied, "I guess we do." More silence and smiles. "If you let me know where to go, I will pick you up there at 7." Harry said. Karlie gave Harry her address and they said their goodbyes, though it was only a few hours before they would meet again. Karlie walked home and couldn't stop smiling. She had a date. A date! With a handsome guy named Harry! This day couldn't get any better. When Karlie got home, she picked out a cute outfit. It took a while, but she did. She just wanted to impress Harry. As she was getting ready, the time seemed to go by so slow. She couldn't wait anymore to see him! Then, he was at the door. 

 He looked nice, nicer than earlier. "You look pretty," Harry said. "Thank you," Karlie replied, "It looks like you cleaned up pretty well too." Harry smiled and lead Karlie to the car. "So," Karlie said, "Where are we going?" "We are going to a restaurant that just happens to have some music tonight." Karlie smiled. Gosh, she couldn't stop smiling! "Great," she said, "I love music!" So Karlie and Harry had one interest in common already.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they sat down and enjoyed the music and delicious food. "So," Harry began, "We need to get to know each other more." Karlie smiled and agreed. "Yes we do." Harry Smiled (his smile was really gorgeous-really) and said, "Okay I'll start. I was born on February 1st in Redditch, I grew up in Holmes Chapel, I used to work in a bakery, I love to sing, and I am 20 years old. That's just a little blurb for ya." Karlie thought about what he said- he seemed great! "Okay," she said, "Now me. I was born on September 13th here in London, I've grown up here in London, I help my mum work at her salon, I love to sing and dance but I'm not very good, and I am 18." Harry looked like he was thinking for a moment before saying "I'd love to see you sing and dance sometime. I bet you are better than you think." Karlie laughed and said, "Alright, maybe that can be our next date." Harry replied, "Yes, it could be." They were silent for a moment, but then they both let out a small laugh. "I really like you, Karlie." Harry said. Smiling, Karlie replied, "I really like you too." Looking at her phone, Karlie realized it was getting late. "Wow, this time together has gone by so fast," Karlie said, "We should probably get going." Harry frowned like an adorable little kid. "Well," he started, "I guess you're right. But we will need to get together again soon. "Alright, we will." Karlie was beaming. They walked out of the restaurant and to the car. Harry drove Karlie home. When they got there, Karlie was sad that the date was over. They just stood looking at each other , smiling. "I guess I will see you soon." Harry said. "Yeah." Karlie replied. "Goodnight, Harry." "Goodnight, Karlie." And with that, Harry left and Karlie was left alone. It was an amazing night that was now at an end. But their relationship was just beginning. It would probably be like a rollercoaster. But knowing Harry, it would be a roller coaster that only kept going up and up. 

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