You and I

A teenage girl named Karlie and Harry Styles fall in love. They are committed to the relationship and cant stand to be away from each other. This story tells about a relationship that we dream about having. But will it really last forever?


1. Chapter 1

Meet 18 Karlie Collins. She's a beautiful girl with blonde hair and a smile that can light up the world. But somehow, she is single. You wouldn't believe it, but she is. She's not too crazy, but not too shy either. She's just..Karlie. Living in London, she would have thought she'd be able to find someone perfect for her. But there wasn't anyone that was perfect for her. Karlie wanted someone, but she wanted them to be the right someone. Tall with dark brown hair perhaps? She didn't know what she exactly wanted, but she was going to find it anyway. On a nice summer day in London, Karlie decided to go out for a stroll. Maybe do some shopping. Guy shopping that is. Karlie was walking near a beautiful park, so she decided to sit down on a park bench. As she was observing the scenery, she noticed something. No, not something, but someone. A young man! A handsome man with curly brown hair. 20 years old maybe? Age is just a number. This guy was cute! No, more than cute. Hot! Karlie wondered if she should make a move. After debating for a few minutes, Karlie decided to get up and walk over to him. As she approached, he looked up from his phone. He looked pleased. That was good. "Hi," she said, "I'm Karlie." 

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