That One Summer // Luke Hemmings

It should be another typical summer for young Ariel Meadows, but of course it's not. She never expected to gain anything from working in an ice cream parlor, with people tracking in sand from the beach, but life has a way of surprising you. The group of guys she saw come in everyday, suddenly mean much more to her then she realized. Especially a certain one. Their love wasn't easy. It certainly wasn't fair, but they did truly love each other and that's all the mattered....right? © 2014


1. = Introduction =





   A summer bucket list?

No; I really wasn't into overly cliche lists forcing me to do things before the summer ended.

I was perfectly content with my summer job in an ice cream parlor, my hands sticky while people crowded the boardwalk beside the entrance.

I guess there was one good thing about it... I always had a beach view.

Oh, and the group of boys that came in everyday.

That's a plus.

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