That One Summer // Luke Hemmings

It should be another typical summer for young Ariel Meadows, but of course it's not. She never expected to gain anything from working in an ice cream parlor, with people tracking in sand from the beach, but life has a way of surprising you. The group of guys she saw come in everyday, suddenly mean much more to her then she realized. Especially a certain one. Their love wasn't easy. It certainly wasn't fair, but they did truly love each other and that's all the mattered....right? © 2014


3. = Chapter Two =




That One Summer// Luke Hemmings


Aerie’s POV


Maybe working here at an ice cream parlor wouldn’t be so bad. I get to see the boy Brandy thought was cute. I was being so delusional. I knew he was somewhat attractive, I just wasn’t admitting it.


“Aerie, do you mind taking over while I go to the bathroom real quick?” Brandy asks me.


“Uh, yeah.” I put the change back into the register before stepping where Brandy was once present.


I rested my chin on my palm, waiting impatiently for a customer to come.


I wish I had a chance to talk to that guy from the other day.


But even if I did have a chance, I wouldn’t even know what to say. I’d stand there like a coward. Though I’m not one. I’m usually tough one around here.


My thoughts were intruded by a waving hand in my face.


“I – uh – sorry.” I realized it was the same boy.


“It’s okay.” He smiles reassuringly. “The usual?” I ask as I grab the scooper.


“Please?” For some reason his accents sounded way hotter when he said ‘please’.


“Sure thing.” I couldn’t even find my own expression. I either was being sarcastic or sounding like an idiot for actually having a crush on this guy.


“You’re not from here are you?” I regret starting a conversation. I’m not really the best when it comes to talking to boys. Especially Australian ones.


“How’d you know?” He smirks. I look up at him but quickly return my attention to his ice cream.


“Well your accent doesn’t sound American.”


“No, I actually just moved here for the summer.” He answers.


“So you’re just visiting?” God, I sounded like a nosy person. I mentally slapped myself for sounding like an idiot.




“Oh well – “ I was interrupted by a group of boys calling the boy’s name.


Apparently it was ‘Luke’. “Come on man, there’s some hot chicks down at the beach. Hotter than back at home.” One of them tried pulling Luke back.


“Sorry!” He apologized, leaving me there with the ice cream cone.





“Hey, who were they?”  Brandy comes back.


“Just a couple of boys being loud.” I shrug as I throw away the cone.


“Was it that boy again?” She sighs. “His name’s Luke and yes.” I correct her.


“So you know his name now?” She sounds surprised.


“I completely embarrassed myself.” I hide my face in my hands.


“I highly doubt that.” She shakes her head.


“I was never good at talking to boys, yet alone a very good looking one.”

“I’ll show you.” She smiles.


“But we’re working.” I protest.


“Boss is out and look at the place, it’s like ghost town.” She states the obvious.


“Okay, what do you need to show me?” I give in to this idea. It wasn’t going to give me any benefits.


“Go fins him on the beach and ask for his number.” She demands. “What?” My eyes widen.


“Just ask for his number. It’s not hard. Just say you’d like to hang out later.” She made it sound so easy.


“Okay.” I give in. I removed the ridiculous items of our uniform and walked towards the exit.


I tried to mentally praise myself so that I wouldn’t pass out, but nothing was really working.


As I walked closer to Luke my whole body became putty. My legs felt a numb feeling. It was a quite bizarre feeling; I’ve never felt like this before.


“Luke?” I ask.


“Hey!” He pulls his sunglasses to the top of his head.


“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later?” I ask more of a question.


“Sure!” He reaches in his pocket for something. “Just give me your number and I’ll give you a call.”


After I give him my number he looks at me weirdly.


“What?” I didn’t know if I should smile or not.


“I never got your name,” He barely speaks. “And I need it for my contacts.” He continues.


“Oh, yeah, it’s Aerie.” I smile.


“How do you spell that, such a beautiful name?” He smirks.


“A-E-R-I-E.” I spell out.


“Well I’ll see you around Aerie.” He smiles.


I nod before departing his presence. I silently squealed to myself.


I was indecisive on how I should feel, proud that I actually had a conversation with a guy, or disappointed because I didn’t get his number.


Written by Txmblr Queen <3

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