That One Summer // Luke Hemmings

It should be another typical summer for young Ariel Meadows, but of course it's not. She never expected to gain anything from working in an ice cream parlor, with people tracking in sand from the beach, but life has a way of surprising you. The group of guys she saw come in everyday, suddenly mean much more to her then she realized. Especially a certain one. Their love wasn't easy. It certainly wasn't fair, but they did truly love each other and that's all the mattered....right? © 2014


7. = Chapter Six =

That One Summer // Luke Hemmings

   I didn't understand the feeling that ran through me but all I know is that I didn't want it to end. Eventually we arrived at my home, his hands slipping from mine as he pulled into the driveway. My skin felt cold without his hand to cover mine. I'm not going to say I was in love, I knew I wasn't but I definitely had developed a feeling towards him. Which scared me, considering I know I'll never be able to love him the way a guy would want. I understand I'm thinking to much about the situation and for all I know, he just wants to be friends but I still couldn't control the uneasy feeling settling in the pit of my stomach.

  "Tonight was amazing..." Luke finally said, turning to look at me for the first time this whole trip. I gave a small smile, looking down at my thighs.

  "I had a lot of fun...thank you so much!" I thanked him, unsure of what to say or do. Is he waiting for me to get out? Am I an invasion? What if he had plans with another girl after me.

  "You're welcome. We should hang out again, if you'd like, of course!" He interrupted his own statement, his cheeks burning a crimson red which made my own heat up. I felt like jello, and my heart was beating crazy. I've never been alone with a guy like this, my last (and only) boyfriend always had people around when I was. The first time we were alone was the reason we broke up. It's also the reason he's currently serving jail time, and the cause for my fear of mutually everything.

  "Are you okay?" He asked gently, and I shook my head to rid the image of a guy I wanted nothing to do with.

  "Um..yeah. I'm sorry, I'm going to go." I breathed, quickly gathering my things and opening the door. I felt a hand wrap around my wrist as I hissed. I hated when people touched my arms. To many memories.

  "Can I walk you to the door?" He asked, obviously feeling rejected. I felt terrible for acting the way I was but I was skiddish. I looked back, giving him a gentle smile before nodding my head.

  "Yeah, I'd love that!" I muttered softly as he quickly got out of the car, rushing over to my side.

  "I'm sorry if I seem like I'm pushing you to hard...just tell me when to stop. I've never really hung out with many girls..." He admitted sheepishly, a goofy smile on his lips. Only then did I really notice his lip ring and how it curved perfectly around his plump lips.

  "It's okay, I'm a bit closed off. I've been through a lot but I truly did have fun tonight! You made me forget things for a while so thank you!" I thanked him truthfully and his smile could have ended global warming.

  "Oh, you're welcome!'' He replied, before speaking again, "Would you like to maybe hang out again? I understand if you need time to think." He asked nervously, looking down at his feet as he rocked back and forth on the ground.

  "I'd absolutely love that! Maybe, tomorrow after my shift we can head down to the beach. The weather is supposed to be insanely hot." I laughed lightly, thinking about the sun beating down on his muscles, glistening with the ocean water. I pulled my lip between my teeth, looking up at him. He looked down at my lips before realizing my eyes were on him and looking to the side as if I couldn't see what he was previously doing. 

  I smiled, looking into his eyes as they finally met mine.

  "Thank you...again." I spoke barely audible before I realized how I felt trapped in his gaze. In a good amazing way. Before I could comprehend anything, his lips were gently pressed to mine. His lips were soft and gentle. There was no overwhelming force and it was the kind of kiss that made my stomach turn.

  He pulled away, pressing his lips together and I could still feel his lip ring against my sensitive lips.

  "Sorry..." He apologized as I smiled, nearly breathless.

  "Don't be..." I smiled as he returned the gesture.

  I took in a quiet breath before walking over to my porch. I quickly unlocked the door, turning to look at Luke.

  I bounced on my feet for a few seconds before quickly pressing my lips to his.

  "Goodnight." I smiled, as he returned to goodbye before I gently closed the door, leaving my hands to trail down the door in delight.



How did you guys enjoy this chapter? I understand I have not updated in what seems like years but I have had a lot to do and school is tough! I hope you understand and enjoy this chapter dedicated all to you lovely people :) 

~Txmblr Memories 


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