That One Summer // Luke Hemmings

It should be another typical summer for young Ariel Meadows, but of course it's not. She never expected to gain anything from working in an ice cream parlor, with people tracking in sand from the beach, but life has a way of surprising you. The group of guys she saw come in everyday, suddenly mean much more to her then she realized. Especially a certain one. Their love wasn't easy. It certainly wasn't fair, but they did truly love each other and that's all the mattered....right? © 2014


5. = Chapter Four =


That One Summer // Luke Hemmings



  Okay, so maybe I was letting insane thoughts slip into my mind but in my defense, cute boys NEVER came in. Okay, well...maybe that was a lie. Still! No cute boys that ever talked to me, to put it in better words. I bit my nails nervously, a habit I never had until just now. I sat on my couch, a long and depressing sigh leaving my lips. I was staring at the blank television screen, hoping a message would arrive. Or my phone would ring, giving me the signal of a call. Even though I prayed for him to remember me, when night dwelled he had made it obvious he was never going to message or call me. 

  I pressed my lips together, squeezing my eyes shut as I slid my phone into my hand, standing and walking towards the hallway. All the lights were turned off, a few windows open which allowed the soothing night melody to chime through into the air that filled the house. The sound relaxed me in times of stress, and as little as I worried about a boy, I found it couldn't ease everything.

  I opened my bedroom door, closing it before running to my bed. I had missed it's soft. plush surface and I wish I could just sleep away any emotions. It'd make life much easier. Before I actually settled down, I took  a quick shower before changing into my pajamas, which weren't really what you call pajamas. More like underwear and a t-shirt.

  I snuggled deep beneath the covers, scrolling and opening almost every app on my phone in boredom.  The air was getting cold but for some reason, it was relieving. I set my phone down, plumping the pillow before laying my head back down. I just stared at the wall the whole night, my mind in other places. Thoughts swarmed within the confinements of my brain and it felt good to think about everything for once. Everything I tried so hard to forget. I still remember when my mom and dad kicked me out of the house. Something about needing to go a live life. Of course I thought it was some joke...yeah, it wasn't. 

  I was furious, what teen wouldn't be; but after the anger had passed I was filled with something much stronger.


  They had offered me loads of things when I found a place to live and I still remember the day I was walking past their bedroom while they talked. All I heard was She can't live on her own. She's too weak. That was enough for me. I rejected everything they offered and instead earned everything myself. I'm not weak. I never have been and I never will be, especially when it comes to supporting myself.

  The buzz of my phone snapped my from my daze as I scrambled to hold it steadily in my hands. I finally read the message, a large smile tugging at my lips which had once frowned.

  I know you're probably asleep, I'm sorry for the late text. Meet me for lunch tomorrow so I can make it up to you? :) 

  I nodded before realizing he wasn't in front of me, responding with a cool and collected answer. 


  He texted me the details, as I accepted them. We talked for a while before I decided it was finally time to close my eyes and call it a day. I told him goodbye, wished him goodnight and as soon as the light from the screen fell dim, I was out cold.




   I awoke with a yawn, rubbing my palms at my eyes before lazily sitting up. My hair fell in my face, and I can promise my breath didn't smell minty.  I looked outside, squeezing my eyes due to the bright sunlight. Of course I forgot to close the window and roll down the blinds.

  After a few minutes I finally came to my senses, sticking my face in front of my alarm clock so I could examine the time. Ten, and he was picking me up at noon. I sighed in relief, slipping into my bunny slippers as I made my way towards the bathroom. I skipped my shower since I took one last night, instead focusing in on my hair and makeup. In the end, I opted for my natural straight hair and a bronze, natural looking make-up look. And by natural I mean it looks natural, not that all I have on is eyeliner and mascara because lets be honest. Next to nobody wears little makeup on the first date. If you would call this a date...

  I rummaged through my closet for a good portion of the time before finally settling on an outfit. I decided on a white tube top, tucked into some black shorts with a plaid flannel over it. Before I knew it, there was only five minutes until he picked me up. I quickly slid on my black TOMS, finding my phone, wallet and keys before heading onto the porch to wait.

 I sat for what seemed like forever, laying in several positions before finally, a car pulled up. Luke got out of the car, walking up the pathway and onto the porch as he smiled over at me.

  "You ready to go?" He smiled as I reciprocated his action with a nod.

  "Where are we going?" I asked, trying to sound polite. I didn't want to come off as a girl who needs to know everything. Clingy isn't attractive.

  "I was thinking maybe this festival their having-,"

  "The Festival of a Teenage Life?" I gasped, interrupting him. I immediately apologized as he chuckled, shaking it off. He answered with a yes as another gasp left my lips. The Festival of Teenage Life was one of the biggest events held in the country. You know how most teenagers like to do the usual. Concerts, go to carnivals, tattoos, piercing and so on? Well, this festival had everything! Carnival rides, multiple artists performing concerts. Tattoo shops and places to get your nose/belly button/ears, etc pierced. It was the coolest thing but you had to reserve a spot quick because the space of land they rented wasn't big enough to hold the demand of people wanting to go.

   "Are you serious? I've always wanted to go!" I exclaimed happily as he looked at me shocked.

  "You've never been?" He asked as I shook my head.

   "Ah man! You've got to ride the Drop 360. It's the coolest roller coaster!" He replied as I gave an enthusiastic nod.

  We talked more about the festival before falling into an awkward silence. I looked down at my hands as he focused on the road. We had stopped at the red light, letting the other cars drive by and what he did sent a smile straight onto my face. His hand skimmed mine as he pulled it back quickly. I looked over at him as he gave me a shy smile. With a boost of confidence, I took his hand in mine, his skin warm.

  Our hands stayed intertwined the rest of the trip.




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