Never Let Go (sequel to TOTGA)

So this is the sequel to The One That Got Away. I would read that first if you want to understand this. Paige and Niall are starting they family, but they will face several obstacles throughout their lives. There is love, loss, and laughs. But are Niall and Paige truly inseparable? Find out in this sequel!


4. Nursery

Niall's P.O.V.

We walked into the house and everybody yelled "SURPRISE!" I looked to Paige who had the biggest smile on her face.  "You guys are the best!" She squealed. I smiled at her cuteness, and we walked to the stairs. "C'mon babe we gotta go put the twins in the room." I stated. "WAIT!" Dakota called after me and Paige as we began our ascent up the stairs. "What?" Paige asked whipping her head in Dakota's direction. "We have a surprise for you!" Meadow said. Tristin and Meadow walked over t us. Meadow took Char from Paige and Tristin took Noah from me. They disappeared up the stairs. I looked to Dakota questioningly and she smirked evilly. I raised one eyebrow and Harry walked over to me.  He covered my eyes and Dakota covered Paige's. They led us up the stairs and into a room. The took their hands from our eyes to reveal a fully decorated nursery. I gasped and looked around the room. The room looked like this:

I was so happy with the lads and the girls. "You lot did this?" Paige asked looking at all the people that were in the room. They all nodded their heads and Louis spoke up."Yep. It was all my idea too" He stood proudly. Paige looked to El for a final answer. "Yes actually he isn't playing this time" she said. With that Paige ran to Lou and wrapped in a hug. "Thank you so much Louis" She said into his shoulder. "You're welcome, love" He said. They broke apart and she looked to everyone else. "Thank you all for this. It's amazing" She said. "We had plenty of room anyway. And now, instead of ten for four, we've got ten for six!" Hazza said. We walked around telling everyone thank you an giving out hugs, when we realized it was getting late. "I think it's about time we go to bed." Paige said, turning out the light in the twins' room. "Okay princess, but you don't require beauty sleep." I said kissing her on the cheek. "Neither do you, but you know we both want it" She said kissing me on the lips. We went to bed getting up every two hours to ted to the twins. This is going to be an exhausting journey, but it's well worth it to have my princess, and my two beautiful babies to live for. I love all three of them unconditionally. 


Hey guys! So I am really enjoying having this sequel. And If you can't get the oicture on your screen here is the link :,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNFecL8xq99HzoAy9ERSKAp3eHlt1A&ust=1406601973312615

I know that's alot but it's really cute!

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