Never Let Go (sequel to TOTGA)

So this is the sequel to The One That Got Away. I would read that first if you want to understand this. Paige and Niall are starting they family, but they will face several obstacles throughout their lives. There is love, loss, and laughs. But are Niall and Paige truly inseparable? Find out in this sequel!


6. Apologies and Arrivals

Paige's P.O.V 
*second day at the hotel*

I woke up to the sound of knocking on the hotel room door. I walked over to the peephole thing and looked through it. I was met by a worried Liam and a nervous Louis. "Hey" I said as I opened the door. "How did you know I was here?" I asked as I closed the door behind them. "Oh we um had some of our tech people track your phone." Liam said almost as if he was afraid I would be mad at him. "You didn't tell anyone else did you?!" I exclaimed, terrified of the answer. "No we didn't not even the girls" Lou said. "Ok thank you guys" I said. " I'm sorry Paige. I should've been watching Niall. I didn't know he was so drunk." Lou said. "It's okay, Lou. It wasn't your responsibility to watch him" I couldn't hold in the tears. Just the thought of it made me cry. My cheeks were instantly wet. Lou rushed to my side and wrapped me in a warm embrace. I cried on his shoulder for fifteen minutes straight. He comforted me best he could. "I'm sorry Louis" I said looking down at his now tear stained shirt. "It's okay love" he said hugging me one more time. "You can sit down if you want guys" I pointed to the small dining table in the corner. "Okay" Liam said. Him and Lou sat on the chairs. I joined them. "So we wanted to talk to you." Liam said breaking the silence. 
"Okay go ahead" I said. "It wasn't him, Paige" Lou said. "What do you mean it wasn't him? He that girl was all over him!" I said kind of angry and annoyed that they were taking his side. "Please calm down Paige. He didn't kiss her, she kissed him. He pushed her off once and told her that he had a fiancé. Then he was so drunk he accidentally went into the girls bathroom. When he got in the bathroom, she shoved him up against the stall door and started kissing him. He couldn't get her off him without hurting her, and he didn't want to go to jail for assaulting a woman." Liam said. I never stopped to look if he was pushing her off or not. "Oh my god... I-I feel bad now I j-just as-s-summed that h-he" I buried my head in my hands. "What have I done Liam?" I said still looking down. "You didn't do anything wrong Paige you reacted the same way he would've if it were you in his position." He said. "I would be confused if I saw my fiancé being kissed my a girl!" Louis said. I chuckled. "Thanks Lou I needed that" I said. "That's the way of the tommo" he said. We all laughed. "I'm coming home" I said "today" they smiled widely. "Good" they said in unison. I cleaned up the room a bit and got my stuff together. Lou rode with me and Liam drove his car to the house. We pulled up in the driveway and I turned off the car. Here goes nothing. I thought to myself. 


Hey! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I don't get home until eight and I don't get done with my shower until like eight forty- five. I have managed to type the chapters in my notes and email it to myself then copy and paste.And I wanted to just put this out there. THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE!! I accidentally backspaced half this chapter after I deleted it off my email and Ipod so i searched 'what do i do if i accidentally backspace my text?' and it said to hit 'ctrl z' it saved my life! I also find that it makes the chapters a bit better quality so I will do that as much as I can so I have updates for you guys! Thanks crazy mofos!-


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