Our Little Secret


2. The invitation

I got in bed and put my phone on charge. I couldn't stop thinking about Darry and why he was staring at me throughout his whole entire speech, although it was amazing to think of, it was irritating me so much. I wanted to ask him why he was staring at me but whenever I look at him I get lost for words because his presence is so magnificent. It's not that big of a deal.. I should just let it go. 

I stumbled out of bed rubbing my eyes, it was 7am and i had to start getting ready for school, i sighed and started to get dressed after that i did my hair and makeup and walked downstairs, i didn't feel hungry so i just grabbed my bag and left for school.

As i was walking to school i started thinking about Darry and how he kept looking at me yesterday while he was doing he's speech, heaps of thoughts came to my head while thinking about him, like maybe he has a crush on me but then again why would he like someone like me.

As i arrived at school i walked into the front gates with a frown on my face, I noticed Ellen had saw me enter the gates and started to walk towards me, great she's coming with her gang, i hated everyone who were in her gang they were all rude and hated me for no reason.

"Hey Maria, before you assume i'm going to be rude to you, I'm not, i just wanted to apologise for being a bitch to you and i was wondering if you would like to join my gang, we all agreed that you would fit in with us and since you have no friends-" 

"i don't know, i mean you've all been pretty rude to me and now you wanna be my friend out of the blue-"

"Maria you don't have a choice, you don't have anyone else offering to be your friend do you?"

"Okay, i'll join your little gang" I had a bad feeling about this all but she was right no one else was offering to be my friend.

"I'm glad you said that because I'm having a party next week and i want you to come, you'll make heaps of friends and heaps of hot boys are coming, you can come over my house to get ready since the whole gang gets ready together, anyway i hope you're able to come we'll see you in class."

I walked off to class. Did Ellen and her group really just invite me to a party..? Wow. Maybe things aren't so bad after all between us two, but I had a strange feeling about this. I brushed it off though, because I was going to maths and we had a maths test.


"Maria, why are you home so late?"

"Mum are you joking? It's only 4:30.."

"Does that explain why you're 30 minutes late?"

"I was studying at the library. Jeez."

"Okay darling, but please tell me when you're going to be home later than usual."

I wasn't at the library, I was at the mall looking for a cute outfit to wear for the party. I didn't like the idea of telling my mum that though, so I decided not to.

As I was preparing for bed, my phone started ringing. No caller ID? Who could it be? I answered, unsure and a little bit frightened, I didn't speak. After what seemed like 10 million hours, I finally heard a "Hello?". It was Darry, I knew it was. No one's voice could compare to his, I said hey shyly, and he asked what I was doing.

"Nothing. How do you have my number?" I asked immediately.

"It was given to me." Darry shot back.

"Who gave it to you?"

"I was told you're friends with Ellen? Is it true?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I don't want you to be friends with her."

"Excuse me?"

Darry paused for a moment.

"If you know what's good for you, you won't talk to her."

I didn't know what to say, was Darry really telling me not to be friends with Ellen? Where in the hell did this come from?

"And why do you care?" I said, giggling.

"I don't want you to get hurt."

That was it, that killed me. I cannot believe Darry just said that to me, what gave him the right to mentally AND physically destroy me like this? I am definitely not prepared for this. I was still curious as to why he was saying all of this, and then it hit me. Literally, his deep voice hit me so hard I could barely think.

"Bab- Maria?"

Did he just call me bab?

"What were you going to say?"

"What?" He asked, he knew what I meant.

"You said something before you said my name, what were you going to say?"

"Nothing." He didn't seem too confident when he said this.

"Okay then, hey li-"

"Maria I have to go, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye."

He hung up. I knew I should have been thinking about the conversation but I was too busy literally melting at the fact that he was talking to me. I went to sleep excited for the day ahead.

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