Our Little Secret


1. Back to school

Great. The 6 week holiday is over and it's time to go back to hell. My best friend Cassidy changed schools because her father got a better job in the city which means they had to move, and that's at least 2 hours away from me. I wish he never got that stupid job.. Now I'm all alone. She was my only friend, every other person who attends my crappy school are complete assholes, except for Darry.

I was walking into school and I realised I had English first, ugh, Darry is in my english class. He's so beautiful, his voice is so deep I could listen to it for hours and mentally die. He sits two seats away from me, I have the window seat of course. I'm not sure what it is I love the most about him, maybe his smile. His smile, definitely his smile. 

"Hey Maria, where's your best friend?" 

Fuck. It's Ellen.. She hates my guts. She got a tattoo when she was 15, it was supposed to say "no regrets" but the person who done her tattoo spelled regrets wrong, so it says no regerts. I felt sorry for her when I found out, but then I was told she got it because her boyfriend cheated on her and that feeling went away.

"She changed schools because she couldn't stand looking at your hideous face."

I felt so powerful when I said that, Ellen didn't look too happy though, but hey, "no regerts".

"Are you sure it was my face she couldn't stand looking at? You know.. Because she had to put up with you 24/7, I'm sure she would have gotten sick of seeing your retarded face."

"Grow up." I said, my voice seemed smaller than I expected it to be.

"Make me, loser."

I ignored her and went to class, I always go to class early, I'm not sure why but the thought of me walking into class in front of everyone seems frightening. A few minutes passed and I heard the school bell ring, it only took a few seconds until everyone came rushing into class, including Darry. We had class speeches today and I couldn't wait to hear his, I will cherish every second of it. Miss Roskankzi came in 20 minutes late like always.

"Okay students, are we prepared?"

"For what Miss Skank?" 

I'm not surprised Jacob asked Miss that, it was a brilliant chance to call Miss a skank, but I like her so I didn't laugh with the rest of the class.

"I only accept Miss Roskankzi or Miss R, Jacob. And for your assessment task, you were asked to present a speech to the class about The Stolen Generation, I'm assuming you didn't do your speech. You get a 0."

Jacob went quiet and went on his phone to look at all of the nudes of flat-chested whores he's been sent.

It seemed like forever until Darry did his speech. He seemed nervous when he got up, but he still looked cute. He was looking at me the whole entire time he said his speech, ME?! My heart was starting to hurt, well at least I think it was my heart.. Maybe something was in my hair? Or on my face? I couldn't understand why he was looking at me. Never in my life has he ever paid attention to me and if he has it would be because Ellen and her group of ignorant followers are bullying me. 

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