Harry Potter Truth or Dare

I invite Harry Ginny Hermione Ron Draco Snape Dumbledore Mcgonagall Pansy Fred and George to a party and give them dares to do and truths to answer. Secrets will be revealed. Relation ships might break and others might start. Let the dares, AND TRUTHS,


7. Round four

a/n sorry that I'm behind, as I read my previous chapters I realise I'm doing a terrible job so I'm going to try to be more descriptive and a little more, understanding, let this round begin!!!



I was excited to see everyone, it has been a while since I have seen them, and they are still locked in the basement. I grabbed the dares and apperated to the basment where I  had left them, and what a sight i saw.

Ron was beating up malfoy while malfoy was, trying to beat up Harry. I smiled, oh this is a great way to start the day. I walked up, not making a sound, everyone had heard me apperate in though, except these three boys obviously, now everyone was in a circle around these idiots. I smiled and pulled Ron's ear, very hard, he yelped in pain. Then I slapped Draco, leaving a red hand print on his face, and for Harry, well let's just say he's not going to like me, even if I ever do let him out.

“This is not what I expected, no, no, no. You boys will have to be punished, how I do not know yet, but it will be painful. Now! Why were you boy's fighting?" I asked, furious.

They did a quick three way glace  and looked back at me, nothing on their face, well, on Harry's and Draco's faces, Ron however was bright red, and he looked quickly at Hermione and I knew.

“Well, well, well. Looks like Hermione is a big deal with the men around here." I smiled mischievously. I can use that to my advantage.
“Why are you smiling?" Hermuone asked me.
 I shook my head mentally to clear my thoughts. 
“YOUR NOT ALOUD TO ASK QUESTIONS!!" I yelled at her. “Now let us start with the dares. This first one is from, TheAwesomeFluffy (sorry I can't do the Lightning bolts), She has couple of dares."
I looked at my paper closely, just to make sure I was reading the paper correctly, then I burst out laughing. “Man! I LOVE THIS GIRL! She dares Harry and Draco to French kiss! " 
“WHAT NO WAY!" The boys shout simultaneously.
I glared at them, my eyes evil like.
“NOW!" I barked.
Draco and Harry edged closer, looks of disgust on their faces. Then, they connected, we could see Draco was the first one to make a move with his tounge, Harry, was hesitant, but after he saw my face of anger he followed Draco's lead. I then couldn't take the sight, it was a little weird.
“Ok! Next dare!"
Hard the ran from Draco, behind his laughing friend. “So... Fred has to kiss Hermione for an hour! "
Hermione and Fred weren't to pleased, but I think Hermione was glad she knew him.
“Ok so we are going to give you some privacy so go into this room," as I said this a door appeared for them to go into, man I love the room of requirement. 
I pushed the two in then turned to everybody else, “Ok, no privacy!" And a screen appeared, showing us what was happening. They were really getting into this kiss, I suddenly turned it of, not wanting them to watch any longer. „who wants lunch?" Everyone was starving so I made some sandwiches and when Ron tried to eat them all I slapped across the face, telling him to save from the two love birds.
Finally an hour past and Hermione came out, her looked like she had tried to brush it with her fingers before she came out here. 
“So, next dare. Ok, Ginny had to lap dance on Draco, the man's lady, Hermione on Harry, and Pansy on Ron. This is gonna be weird, yet good." 
Pansy refused to go near Ron so I took her to a room and punished her, nobody shall know what happened! Then she sort of, willingly lap danced on Ron. Draco looked kinda sad but, I was certainly happy! I got a call on my phone, that I rigged to be able to use it. I walked into the other room to take the call.
“JORDAN! Where are you!" My mom's awful voice yelled.
I hung up and walked back, I was furious, but I was shocked by what I saw. The boys had their hands up the girls' shirts and they were all making out.
“Gross you guys! This is supposed to be mostly for everyone! Apart now!"
They all jumped apart and I cleared my throat. “So, next dare." Before I could tell everyone the next dare Hermione, now being the rebel she is jumped up. “This game is idiotic! We are not doing another dare for you and these readers! RIGHT GUYS!" Some nodes and gave me piece of their minds. I smiled at them.
“If you all don't want to do this just say so."
All at once they shouted. “We don't want to do this!"
“TO BAD! IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO DAY ABOUT THIS THEN YOU HAVE ONE TBHING COMING FOR YOU BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO TORTURE SOMEONE! " at that they all shut up. “Good, now. Since you all decided this I'm going to leave and you will have no food for 2 days and only two water bottles for those days, when j come back I will tortue you more. Goodbye." I smiled evilly and made sure I have then exactly what I told them, made sure I had all their wands and left.
A/n so there was an update I'm updating very soon. Good my peep persons! 
-your queen 

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