Losing Lux

When Louis Tomlinson,Zayn malik,niall horan,and liam payne are to busy to watch lux, harry has to and then harry turns away and sees a taco tray and turns back around only to find that lux has been kidnapped then murderd.


3. losing lux

Harry and Lux had A fun time at the mall!!! and then Harry saw A taco tray."TACOS!!!" yelled Harry as he ran over to the tray,when he came back Lux was gone!!! he looked everywhere in the mall finally, harry thought of his favorite store because everytime he went shopping with Lux she liked to put on hats and suits so he went into the store "jack wills"  he saw a little girl,

    "Lux" he shouted as he turned the little girl around. "MOMMY!!!" screamed the little girl,"STRANGER DAN......Hey! i know you, your HOMY STYLER OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!.  the little girl continued. "MY NAME IS HARRY STYLES!!!" said Harry. 


"anyway,your not Lux so goodbye" said Harry as he left.



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