Youth ~A 1D Fanfiction~

Lena is all work and no play... Lena, age twenty-one, just wants to graduate college and get a good job and off the sublease for the apartment, maybe even save up for a house. But balancing adult responsibilities and a younger sibling is tough work. So when her little sister Sarah barges into her room screaming about winning a radio contest to meet the boyband One Direction, she's less than pleased. Especially because a legal guardian needs to accompany Sarah to England. But even though Lena's got her plate full, she soon finds that you can work hard and play hard, maybe even find a little love in a city like London.


16. Visions

Lena woke up at four and shook Louis awake. 

"Shit," she mumbled sleepily, "I need to be at the hotel before six. That's when the ride is supposed to pick Sarah and I up to go to your music video set thing. She can't do it alone."

"Sarah's already here," mumbled Louis. "I had the chauffeur go pick her up so that we could leave together. She's sleeping in the spare bedroom, she came in about an hour ago and slept in the car. Already took care of it. You've got an hour's more sleep before we need to get up, so let's just...cuddle." 

He scooched towards her and lined up his body with hers. She could feel the heat from his thighs and chest wrapping around her, and she felt safe and warm. Too tired to think, she fell back asleep.


Louis groaned at the noise, and Lena shot straight up, legs tangled in the sheets, naked and covered in sweat. Outside the crickets still chirped and the slightest sliver of dawn was creeping through the skyline.

"Whadisthat," she mumbled.

"It's my alarm," he moaned, shutting it off. 

She smiled at him in the darkness and kissed his cheek.

"Good morning, handsome," she murmured. No longer shy with her body around him, she didn't bother to cover herself and headed towards the bathroom to shower.

Louis knocked on the door while she was shampooing her hair.


"Do you have a towel in there?"

Shit, there wasn't a towel hanging up.

"No," she called back.

"Sorry, I'm not usually home, so I have mine laundered you know I don't do my own laundry," he called sheepishly. "Can I come in?"


He strode in gingerly, in nothing but boxers. 

"Sorry to interrupt you. This is the cleanest towel I could find."

It looked fine, but probably smelled musty, thought Lena. Then, inspiration struck.

"Why don't you join me?" she asked.

"In the shower?" 

"Sure, why not?" laughed Lena. "Just lock the door, I don't want Sarah stumbling in."

"She's still asleep, I thought maybe we could let her sleep as long as possible," said Louis, giving her a devilish grin.

"Well?" asked Lena. "What are you waiting for? Get in here!"

After they'd showered together and Louis had shaved, Lena got dressed in last night's clothes and gone to wake up Sarah.

"Come on, honey, time to get up."

"Naaahh, Lenny, I don't wanna...I had the coolest dream that I was in a sleepover at Louis' house..."

"You are, and it's time to get up. We've got to get to the studio for them to film their music video. Louis' getting ready right now."

Sarah was out of bed in a flash, suddenly full of energy.

"It wasn't a dream! We slept over LOUIS TOMLINSONS HOUSE!" she hollered, dancing up and down.

"Yes," hissed Sarah. "Now get dressed! We don't want to be late!"

There wasn't much time for breakfast, so Louis had the chauffeur stop at Starbucks. Jones was going to order.

"What do you want?"

"I'll have the usual," said Louis, sighing.

"I'll have a caramel macchiato, grande, and a tall hot chocolate for Sarah," said Lena yawning. She fished out twenty pounds and handed it to Louis, figuring it couldn't hurt to splurge just this once.

"What are you doing? Put the quid back," asked Louis, smiling and handing back her money.

"We're not a charity case," said Lena through gritted teeth. "We can pull our own weight."

"I know, Lena." said Louis, sobering up. "You can provide for yourself and Sarah, and very well so, I might add. I'm just offering to pay because you're my girlfriend and I care about you."

Lena could accept that, so she sat back in her seat.

"Lena! You're Louis' girlfriend?" squealed Sarah. "YAY!!" She wiggled in her car seat, and Louis and Lena both couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, I guess that's the one thing we didn't talk about last night," said Lena thoughtfully.

"You're my girlfriend," said Louis, "and that's final." He pecked her right on the lips.

"Ew, gross, No kissing in front of me, I'm too young for that," complained Sarah.

Lena couldn't believe her ears. Sarah, the girl who had proclaimed that Louis Tomlinson was sooo sexy, was now complaining about kisses?

"Why? Do we have cooties?" she teased.

"No. It's just nobody wants to see that," grumped Sarah.

"Alright, Silly Sarah." She put her arms around Sarah, and this time, Sarah let her. Lena felt like crying. Finally, after three long years, Sarah was starting to warm up to her. Thank god for this trip, she thought silently.

Zayn and Liam were both waiting for them at the set, right near the beach. The breeze was blowing strongly, with just a hint of salt from the waves. Lena shivered, and Louis put his arms around her, warming her up.

"I see why you were late now," said Zayn, winking. "Nice one, guys."

"LENA'S LOUIS' GIRLFRIEND!" screamed Sarah...right in front of the manager.

That certainly got his attention.

"What?" he asked, stunned. "Are you guys official?"

"Yep," said Louis, putting his arms around Lena and giving his manager the iciest glare he could muster. Though his manager didn't have a say in who he dated, he always gave a fuss about the potential scandal it could cause, like when Taylor Swift dumped Harry. The fallout from that was a huge mess. 

"You guys have only known each other for what, three days now?" he asked, skeptically, looking Lena up and down. She knew exactly what he was thinking.

 Gold digger, fangirl, ugly little girl, shady background.

"Yep," said Louis frostily. "And we're taking it slow. I'm not moving to America and she's not moving here. If in a year we're still together, then we'll take it from there. Maybe she'll move here. Who knows."

The manager relaxed a bit.

"If that's the case then I won't need to make a press release or issue you two a statement."

He probably thinks we'll break up by the end of the vacation, thought Lena.

"No. We want one. In a couple of days of course, so I can prepare Lena, but this is a real relationship and it's going to be treated as such."

The manager looked at Louis suspiciously, but finally sighed and said, "Fine. I've got more important things to worry about right now, like where the HELL is Niall and Harry?"

"I'm here," called Harry, striding in. "Sorry, just wanted to pop by the coffee shop for a spot of breakfast first and ended up running a few minutes late."

"That's fine," said the manager relaxing a little. "What about Niall?"

"Dunno, he's not answered his cell from me since last night. What about you guys?"

"No, nothing," said Zayn.

"Me neither," added on Liam.

Louis checked his phone.

"Oh shit, shit shit."

"What?" asked Lena.

"He called me like five times last night but I didn't answer because I had my phone off."

"I'm here," called Niall, sunglasses on, slamming the door to his limousine.

"Dude, we're filming today," said Liam, frowning.

"I know." He took off his glasses, revealing a black eye. "Make-up can fix me up, right?"

"Oh my god! What the hell happened?" asked the manager, voice rising angrily. "You know, part of your contract states you need to take proper care of your body, right? If you don't perform properly today, the company can sue you for lost revenue. We're on a tight schedule, buddy. This music video is supposed to be released next week. It's supposed to be the song of the summer and you have a black eye?"

Lena winced. It seemed rather harsh.

"Get into makeup, and don't come out until that atrocity is covered up," he barked. "Rest of you to make up too."

He looked at Lena with disdain. 

"You two, just watch and try to keep out of the way. We've got a music video to produce."

He strode away pompously, which was rather difficult to do on the uneven surface of the sand.

"Wow," said Sarah after he was further away. "What an asshole. Sorry for yelling about you being Louis' girlfriend."

"Sarah, it's ok, but don't use that word," said Lena. But she agreed. That manager was an asshole, and she was beginning to understand why Louis seemed so stressed and worried when he thought she wasn't looking. Fame carried a heavy weight, it seemed.

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