Youth ~A 1D Fanfiction~

Lena is all work and no play... Lena, age twenty-one, just wants to graduate college and get a good job and off the sublease for the apartment, maybe even save up for a house. But balancing adult responsibilities and a younger sibling is tough work. So when her little sister Sarah barges into her room screaming about winning a radio contest to meet the boyband One Direction, she's less than pleased. Especially because a legal guardian needs to accompany Sarah to England. But even though Lena's got her plate full, she soon finds that you can work hard and play hard, maybe even find a little love in a city like London.


13. Fire

"Lena, look at me!"

Sarah squealed as she twirled in a new dress.

"You look like a princess," smiled Lena, brushing on some more make up and pulling out a tube of red lipstick. She'd been saving it for a special night and this was it, she supposes as she swiped the wine color across her lips. 

Yes, she was starting to gain some weight, she thought as she patted her stomach. She swam some laps in the hotel pool in the morning and though she was out of shape, it felt good. Ah, the things one could do with energy! It was wonders what proper eating could do for her. For once, she didn't feel permanently fatigued.

They'd gone shopping with One Direction earlier. Why two girls would go shopping with a group of guys was beyond her, but Lena supposed it was the whole celebrity experience. Sarah had loved it at least. Lena had insisted on not going to brand name stores, to make it stretch, and had come close to spending all thousand pounds on Sarah until Louis had spoken up.

"If you don't get yourself at least two hundred pounds of clothing for yourself, Lena, I will buy it for you." 

Of course, Lena had cringed at that. They weren't a charity case. Zayn had laughed and said,

"Way to go, loverboy," and Liam had whistled, making both Louis and Lena flush red. The paparazzi had been horrible too. She'd made the mistake of grabbing Louis' hand.

"Louis! Louis! Over here, Louis, smile for the camera you two!

"Are you dating her?"

"Who is she?"

"Where did you two meet?"

"Will you adopt her child?"

At that, Sarah had yelled, 

"I'm not her kid! I'm her sister!" and Lena shushed her.

The bodyguards had cleared the way from shop to shop, until loaded with bags, Lena suddenly panicked over bringing home all their new trinkets.

"Don't worry," said Louis. "I'll give you one of my suitcases." 

"Oooooh!" chorused the rest of the boys in unison.

Now Sarah was watching television as usual, and Lena was preparing for another date with Louis. They were going out for dinner at a famous restaurant, and Lena was sure most girls would have been thrilled, except she still felt a little bit out of place in her new high heels and dress. Masquerading in a world that was no longer hers. When the fourteenth day came and went, she would be back to sweeping the ashes in a penniless existence. Until she got her job.

The more she spent amidst the glitz and glamor, the more she didn't want to wake up. It was a fabulous dream. She remembered her parents hosting dinner parties and tasting wine and learning about how to socialize from a young age, but it seemed like eons ago. Caviar and champagne parties on New Years. Designer clothes for Christmas.

Money can't buy happiness, thought Lena. I'd rather have love and family than riches.

She looked at Sarah, back to watching the television, and sat next to her on the couch. Ten minutes before Louis was going to pick her up, she noted.



"Can I turn off the tv for a moment?" She switched it off.

"Hey!" exclaimed Sarah, upset over her show being suddenly interrupted.

"I want to talk to you about something," she said seriously. Sarah sat up straight. "I guess I just want to be honest with you. I love you dearly."

"And I love you too, Lenny." Sarah gave her a snaggle-toothed smile and hugged her. "I'm sorry for making you upset." She paused. "I-I don't mean it, but sometimes I say things I don't mean. You're not a bad parent, Lenny. You're just my sister, you know? I can't think of you as a mom, definitely not a dad because you aren't. But I know you do a lot for me."

Lena couldn't say anything. She'd never seen Sarah act so mature in her entire life. Then again, she'd been babying Sarah for a long time. She stroked her head.

"I know. And I appreciate it. You know, I really like Louis," she admitted.

"Really?" asked Sarah, grinning, sitting up straighter.

"Yeah, he's really nice, and I like that he's nice to you too."

"Have you told him?" asked Sarah, hopefully. "Can we move here and live with him?"

"No, silly," said Lena. "I don't know if he'd want that. And it's only the second date, let's not get ahead of ourselves here."

"You know," said Sarah, wiggling her eyebrows, "If you want to stay over his house for the night, you can. I won't burn down the hotel, I promise. You got back really late anyway."

"Sarah!" said Lena, shocked, then burst out laughing. 

"What? It'd be like a sleepover!" she said innocently. "You could watch a movie or something and he could kiss you and it would be awesome!"

"I'm not discussing this with you," laughed Lena.

"Why not? I'm old enough!" insisted Sarah.

"Yes, yes you are, I suppose. I had my first boyfriend at your age after all," thought Lena out loud. "But I'm not going to do that. I will be in by twelve so that my dress doesn't turn to rags like Cinderella, ok, Fairy Godmother? And also so hopefully I don't bother you again when I come in. We're going to the studio to watch them film their new music video, remember? Bright and early."

Sarah chuckled. Just then there was a knock at the door.

"That must be them," smiled Lena, winking at Sarah.

"Yay! Lennyyy's going on a hot date," hollered Sarah as the door swung open. It was Jones, with a box of donuts.

"I brought Boston Creams for you tonight, since you said those are your favorite, but I've also got sprinkles and some glazed."

"Thank you so much for this," gushed Lena. "You're a lifesaver."

"Jones, can I braid your hair tonight?" asked Sarah.

"I'm..bald," said Jones, amused, a grin cracking his usually blank expression. "And don't thank me Miss, Mr. Tomlinson doubled my salary for this."

"At your service," said Louis, coming into the room. He pecked Lena on the cheek. "Are you ready for your date?"

Sarah interrupted.

"Can you braid my hair then?" she asked Jones.

"I don't know how to," he said, shaking his head as though he couldn't believe this was his job.

"Aw Lenny does the best french braids, but she's leaving!"

"Come here, Sarah, I'll braid it for you before I go," laughed Lena. Sarah's hair was already brushed, so in a quick minute she had knotted it into a tight french braid.

"Thanks Lenny!" said Sarah, twirling. "Do you like my new dress, Jones?"

"Bye, Sarah!" called Lena loudly, grabbing Louis and heading towards the door.

"Bye, Lenny! I love you!" called Sarah back, before lapsing back into more chatter aimed at Jones. "Do you watch Hannah Montana?"

The door closed and Lena collapsed into giggles.

"Your p-poor bodyguard! He's got his hands full with her!"

"I think he's taken a liking to her actually, he's the one that requested we stop at the donut shop before coming!" exclaimed Louis, chuckling as they headed to the elevator.

"You look stunning in the red lipstick by the way," smiled Louis. He leaned in for a quick peck, surprising Lena. It was over too soon, but her hands were trembling. "Am I wearing it now?" he asked, laughing.

"You're covered," smiled Lena. "Hold on, I brought tissues tonight." Instead of wiping his lipstick off, she wiped hers off.

"Now, can we do a do-over on that kiss?" she asked boldly, heart pounding in her chest. Without waiting for a response, she leaned in and pressed her lips against his. He groaned and parted his lips for her, tangling his hands in her hair, and suddenly their bodies were so close that she could feel the heat from his chest against hers-

DING! The elevator had arrived. Louis groaned, and exhaled hard.

"Expect a repeat of that later," he said breathlessly, and Lena could only nod in response, not trusting her voice enough to speak. Her hands trembled as she redid her lipstick in the reflection of the elevator's gold paneling, and she wordlessly handed him a tissue so he could clean up the evidence of their kiss.

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