Star Wars: Behind The Scenes: Book V: Creating The Clone Wars

The series is coming to its end; this is the second-to-last book.


1. Introduction

At Star Wars: Celebration III in 2005, George Lucas announced that he had begun work on a 3-D animation TV series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Because George wanted the series to be created in-house, he founded Lucasfilm Animation, with studios in Marin County, California, and Singapore.

Initial key hires included executive producers Catherine Winder, animation director Rob Coleman, supervising director Dave Filoni, writer Henry Gilroy, and artist Kilian Plunkett. All involved greatly admired Ralph McQuarrie's production paintings for the original trilogy, and Dave encouraged everyone in the art department to study and emulate Ralph's design sensibilities and use of color. "Looking at Ralph's paintings," Dave says, "you have this whole 'vocabulary' of strokes and gobs of paint that define shapes and textures."

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has introduced a whole new generation of fans to the adventures of Anakin Skywalker.

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