Love Began Kindly In A Cafe

Love Began Kindly In A Cafe is a story of an extravagant and passionate love between an assistant writer and a CEO of an overly growing company called Poise International Inc. CEO, Park Johnson, 26 years old, exemplifies the world with his intriguing ways of proving to be the most sweetest, most intelligent and most handsomest man ever to walk the world. Assistant writer, Jayden Pamel, 19 years old, working for a Broadcasting company called Tera Broadcasting, is a poor woman that works everyday with all her time to pay off all the debts her father left behind before he ran away from home from the loan sharks. These two completely opposite people meet fatefully in a nearby average cafe where the CEO and the poor assistant writer meet and later discover the better meanings of a love stronger than they ever received.


8. Chapter 8

Five hours past without a flash. I had completed more than half of the presentation after I had dug up major facts and little snippets of my own opinions and ideas. Research felt the same as it did at Tera, except with a more quieter room, private at that, and a more sophisticated atmosphere. once i heard a knock on my door, my eyes lifted them slowly away from the screen where I kept typing until my eyes met with Park's.,

"What a nice mess, Miss. Park," He laughed a little. I snapped back to earth and looked around to see balled up papers surrounding a tin trash can from beside my desk. The tin was overflowed of paper that I threw out when I discovered better layouts and ideas, "I'm assuming you've worked a little too hard?"

"I wouldn't put it like that," I chuckled as I went to save my work to a flash drive, marked its purpose, and placed it in my pouch of flash drives.

"Meet me in the VIP parking lot, I'm taking you to lunch," He smirked as usual.

"But wait, I'm okay," He had already left and I knew he was stubborn. I sat back down in my seat and smiled while shaking my head at my luck. What is happening to me?

I wrapped things up at my work station and put my old jacket on. I was in need of a new one, but to afford it would be impossible until the next 90 years. I really didn't want to go out with him looking like that, but he asked for it. I met him out in the parking like he ordered and I stood in my tracks when I saw him leaning against his car while looking at his watch as he waited for me. I smiled and approached him.

"Where are we going?" I asked undoubtedly.

"Let me take you there, no questions asked," Park opened the door for me and I entered with anymore questions. It seemed so unreal to be surprised by your own boss. Handsome, smart, and very kind when he wants to be, it's not the life I expected to approach.

The drive was quiet until he turned the radio on where a commercial was being played, then a love song started playing unexpectedly, interrupting the already playing commercial. I felt awkward about it, but he didn't show any kind of expression. He began to hum it as if he knew it, then took a glance at my disturbed face. His face became strange instantly as if he was surprised such a weird expression from me to show so easily. He quickly changed the radio where another love song began to play.

"What is up with this radio?" I laughed under my breath in disturbance and then turned the radio off myself, "So, how long have you been doing what you do?"

"For about 3 years," He paused before he continued, "My father, the previous chairman, became sick when I was 22. It was compromised a year later that they were in need of a new chairman. That's when I was brought in. I wasn't the same man as you see before you. I was more than stubborn, I wasn't smart, and 3 years later, my appearance changed quite a bit,"

"What do you mean?" It was like I was interviewing him, but we both knew I was only trying to revert the atmosphere to a more professionalized one. I fiddled with my fingers until he continued.

"I wore nerdy glasses, nerdy everything. I wore button up white shirts and boring ties. I used to slouch in those days. As nerdy as I looked, I didn't take school very seriously. I ended up being an only son seen as a future failure, but that was until my father got sick that I had to take matters into my own hands," His eyes softened. When he stopped the car in front of an expensive clothes store, he looked directly at me, "You're smart and today I want to show you apart of yourself you've never seen before,"

"I don't need clothes from you," I looked down at my old clothes where the seams were trying to come undone. My stubbornness refused to let this happen. I really wondered if he was making fun of, pitying me, or just doing this to amuse himself.

It took him less than a minute to ignore my remark. He opened the door for me as I stepped out, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the store like it was an emergency. I really saw no reason to be brought here. I don't even visually look the part for high society employee clothes. He should really just leave it alone. A commoner with a debt this big will always be a commoner.

"Hello, Mr. Johnson," Two ladies greeted him as if he were a regular to their store, but their hyped up reactions led me to believe that this was his first time stepping into this certain store, "We've received your appointment request, what will you be requesting?"

"As described in the request," Parked pulled me beside him. The women glanced at me and their giddy reactions faded into disgust. I rolled my eyes, turning my head away to the usual.

"She'll be perfect, just have seat over there, Park," A woman with long, blonde hair and a glow to appearance of white stepped into the lobby from a small staff room. She gave Park the friendly stare which told me that they already knew each other. I looked at Park's face and saw a neutral reaction towards her, "Come with me, darling,"

"Uh, Okay," Park nodded his head for me to go forward into the black abyss of doom.

The sat me in a chair and examined me with a hard look as if this transformation was going to take a million years. Then a spark bloomed in the woman's blue eyes that gave her an idea. She moved my head in many different directions and decided to put light makeup on me. I moved so much that I could tell they wanted to strap me down from head to toe. Once they finished the makeup area, they began again with the look towards my hair. I really didn't see the point in going this far to make a perfect transformation and I don't see what it has to do with making me a better worker.

An hour past and I was completely zoned out like a doll as they did what they could to transform me in the way that would please their client. As many times as they tried to show me through a wall mirror, I was gone from this world. When they finally believed I was done, I woke up when I stepped into the lobby where I saw Park examining a rack of women's shoes.

"And here we have it," The blonde headed woman presented me with unnecessary hand movements.

When Park turned to look at me, it was whole different world for me. The way he looked at me was in no way near how anyone has ever looked at me. I could feel my heart beating faster as I shyly turned my head away. I felt awkward as if I came out dressing like a fairytale princess. He did not speak for a whole minute that he was looking at me.

"Totally worth the 2 grand," He smiled. It took me a second to process the grand part that it had me coughing and choking from the words I could not speak. Two grand!? I might die now or even tomorrow. I don't even have as near as 0 dollars to be precise! How am I going to pay all this back from just one cray transformation! "I know what your thinking. This was all my idea, so stop calculating how you're going to pay me back and just appreciate this,"

He pulled on my wrist towards him to where we stood in front of a tall mirror. When I opened my eyes, I could not speak at all. It was like I was suffering from a mute disorder of shock. This person in the mirror, it's not me. It looks no where near the real me. This outside appearance is unrecognizable to the ones who knew the old me. No one would ever know in this appearance that I'm actually a poor commoner woman working at 19 to fight for survival. This was to be the society I work for and now it's only going to grow on me even further down the road... As long as history does not repeat itself.

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