Love Began Kindly In A Cafe

Love Began Kindly In A Cafe is a story of an extravagant and passionate love between an assistant writer and a CEO of an overly growing company called Poise International Inc. CEO, Park Johnson, 26 years old, exemplifies the world with his intriguing ways of proving to be the most sweetest, most intelligent and most handsomest man ever to walk the world. Assistant writer, Jayden Pamel, 19 years old, working for a Broadcasting company called Tera Broadcasting, is a poor woman that works everyday with all her time to pay off all the debts her father left behind before he ran away from home from the loan sharks. These two completely opposite people meet fatefully in a nearby average cafe where the CEO and the poor assistant writer meet and later discover the better meanings of a love stronger than they ever received.


5. Chapter 5

The morning hit harder than a full speed rock to the face. I turned my head slightly to the left where the same alarm clock stood for many months. When I finally woke up, still staring at the clock, my eyes widened when I saw the time hit 6:30 In the morning. Adrenaline kicked in and I was hopping out of bed to find the usual work clothes I wore from my previous job.

My head began to feel worse with every minute that passed and I knew for sure I was going to be late. When 6:50 struck, I rushed for my Tera Projects folder and ran through the door. After locking the door behind me, I rushed for the sidewalk only to be startled by the sound of keys being twirled around confidently.

"Late on the first day, are we?" That deep voice brought my attention towards him as I slowly tuned my around to face him. There was too much surprise to even speak a word, "Get in,"

His whole body leaned against his car in a posture of arrogance. It was time that I tried one last time to be the puppet of another company. This is the last straw. If in the end it does not work, then I will see fit that my life does not belong on this ground at all.

"Are you coming?" He opened the door and stared patiently with his usual stare.

"Um, yea," I gripped the folders in my hand tightly as I approached his vehicle with caution to not lay a single scratch. When my body finally sank into the seats, I felt warm and calm, but still tense from being so worked up.

"Loosen up a bit, I'm not as uncaring as the people you've worked with in your life," His reassurance shined a light of hope that killed most of my hidden shadows and I felt like I could breathe again. But for how long will I be above the surface before I get dragged back down to rock bottom?

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