Love Began Kindly In A Cafe

Love Began Kindly In A Cafe is a story of an extravagant and passionate love between an assistant writer and a CEO of an overly growing company called Poise International Inc. CEO, Park Johnson, 26 years old, exemplifies the world with his intriguing ways of proving to be the most sweetest, most intelligent and most handsomest man ever to walk the world. Assistant writer, Jayden Pamel, 19 years old, working for a Broadcasting company called Tera Broadcasting, is a poor woman that works everyday with all her time to pay off all the debts her father left behind before he ran away from home from the loan sharks. These two completely opposite people meet fatefully in a nearby average cafe where the CEO and the poor assistant writer meet and later discover the better meanings of a love stronger than they ever received.


4. Chapter 4

An hour later after he left, I blankly stared at the piece of paper as if it was untouchable. Then the work of God took it's toll by the fact that I reached into my pocket to fight through many crumpled papers for a single pen. Once I had the pen firm in my hands, the work of magic filled out the whole application miraculously.

As I stared at the finished application, I decided that even if it was the work of God or Satan, this is my only chance to see what road I am fated to follow.

When I arrived at the company followed by the address on the application. I felt a shiver in spine as if it were a sign for caution. I opened the entrance to the company and the first welcome entrance hit me face first. It was the breeze to a new beginning.

I followed the directions to his office only to be greeted by a secretary with a familiar attitude towards me. As if old pasts could ever be buried.

"I'm looking for Mr. Johnson," I gripped the application with doubt until a firm hand placed itself on my shoulder and lead me to the glorious room only a CEO could manage having.

"Take a seat, Miss. Palmer," Park fixated his jacket before sitting down and looked over my application. He set it down after skimming the application, "When can you start?"

"Excuse me?" I was a bit puzzled that no questions were asked.

"From what I've gathered after our last meeting is you are currently unemployed and basically homeless. Your father ran off leaving behind only the debts of his only thoughtful memory for you," He opened a filing cabinet and picked out a folder that contained only information a high class can obtain about their current or future employees.

I was mostly awed by the fact that my background check was done so fast within the time we had met to the time of my decision.

"I like you," Park quickly opened up my file and crossed his fingers together in front of me, "None of this matters, your background. It's your beautiful mind that I'm after and I can help you avenge the life you lead,"

"And how exactly can you do that?" I tilted my head to the side as if fixing my life was impossible even to a man of his class.

"Work for me is the simplest answer," He leaned back into his chair and gave me a stare that fell irresistible to most women, but he never intentionally does it is the scary part, "and I've also received news that you have no place to run to, so what do you say?"

"I actually don't know what to say," I was clearly puzzled and he knew that.

"Rest your mind, come back tomorrow after a goodnights rest," He smiled as if he did something hidden, "Don't mind the call you had earlier, your apartment is still clear under your name and rent has been paid under my doing,"

"Wait, what!? Why would you do that?" I stood up as my pride and dignity began to show.

"What's this sudden reaction? Clearly this is an act of kindness," He stood up as well, not surprised that a woman of my character would react the way that I did. I was the kind of woman who faced life alone, "You start tomorrow at 7 in the morning, I look forward to working with you,"

It happened so suddenly. His smile was the last thing I saw after stepping out of his office while I struggled to find the exit. There were so many hallways that it made it seem obvious that this place was more like a trap inside a maze.

After stumbling towards a random door, I spotted a man working on a project. His glasses stood handsomely upon the flatness of his nose. When he looked up, I shook with fear as my lips began to tremble.

"Exit," It was the only thing that escaped my puzzled mind after a long day of surprises.

"Straight down the hallway towards the last door to your left, now leave," He started back to work harshly with tension towards the keys of the keyboard. It frightened me as much as to almost run down the hallway.

Can I really work at a place like this? What if history repeats itself? All these these thoughts swarmed my brain intensely causing a ruckus within my body movements. Home was where I needed to be. A bed at that. I can only imagine what will be in store for me the next morning.

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