Love Began Kindly In A Cafe

Love Began Kindly In A Cafe is a story of an extravagant and passionate love between an assistant writer and a CEO of an overly growing company called Poise International Inc. CEO, Park Johnson, 26 years old, exemplifies the world with his intriguing ways of proving to be the most sweetest, most intelligent and most handsomest man ever to walk the world. Assistant writer, Jayden Pamel, 19 years old, working for a Broadcasting company called Tera Broadcasting, is a poor woman that works everyday with all her time to pay off all the debts her father left behind before he ran away from home from the loan sharks. These two completely opposite people meet fatefully in a nearby average cafe where the CEO and the poor assistant writer meet and later discover the better meanings of a love stronger than they ever received.


2. Chapter 2

Rain began to trickle down from the grey, ominous clouds that rolled in like a blockade of true elegance to which calmed me when I felt like the world was collapsing around me. As the rain pounded harder onto the ground, I made my way towards a nearby cafe. Delicate & Sweet Cafe was the name and it was quite elegant indeed. But it wasn't any place someone like me would belong. It was like high school in high class society.

"Hello, miss," A woman kindly approached me from a table of two high class women and one high class gentleman, "Can I get you a table this evening?"

"Oh, um," I stood nervously as I felt like a million gazes were striking me down in one blow, "Yes, thank you,"

"Alright, please follow me," Her slender fingers and attractive structure walked with such confidence while I staggered just to even follow in her tracks to my table, "Can I get you anything to start off with?"

"Uh, actually," I looked into my wallet and only saw 2 dirty dollars screaming without companions of different bills, "Can I just have a water?"

"Okay," She turned away fast to get a glass of water, but I felt the words cheap cloud around her as if she was making fun of me. I wasn't surprised at all...

While sitting there, many thoughts ran through my head about how I was going to face those nasty debt collectors back home. There probably isn't anything left there now especially with how many red tags they had posted on most of my belongings last time they came to collect.

"We're here for our monthly 500!" The debt collectors pounded on my door with guns cocked and loaded. I ran to the door from the sound of the click and opened the door as they began forcing the rest of the door open, pushing me back towards the wall, "Do you have what we want?"

"I don't, I still haven't even paid rent yet! Please, just give me time!" I was desperate for free air, but my lungs could only drown in wasted words and efforts. 

"We've been as patient as we can be, but I see we can't take money if there's nothing to take so we'll be handling you our way," My eyes widened as they took a picture of me and my family and smashed it into the floor where glass shattered in places the eye couldn't see, "You pay us, or it's both you and your fathers head!"

The images of the recent past flooded my worries almost volcanically until the pressure consumed my inner being as a person. I used my fingers to pressure my temples in hopes of relaxing the muscles just a little bit, but the pressure only caused for more pressure towards a pain that felt almost excruciating.

"Here's the water you asked for," The waitress nearly slammed the glass down on the table as if to send a message that scum like me don't even deserve the fine water they serve with elegant glasses worth more than a limb. She looked at me as if one touch would shatter the glass filled with shimmering liquid.

"Aren't you Park Johnson, CEO of Poise International!? Oh my, it is you!" A different waitress caused an uproaring scene that led everyone's attention towards the highest of all classes within the room.

"Indeed, miss," His irresistible eyes caused the woman to shutter almost to her knees. It wasn't nearly as intended as he had predicted his charm to be, but without further ado, his stare was collecting a rather more interesting site.

Jayden Pamel: Currently unemployed. Single. Lives alone. Is in distress...

I could feel him reading every inch of me. I was like an open book to this man and nothing frightened me most than a man with perfect eyes that could see threw flesh psychologically. I consciously feared this man in every way thinkable, but what's worse is that I had not even the slightest prediction for what kind of bounded fate would be in store for the both of us.

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