Join Fluffle Puff & Friends on an Epic fluffy adventure :D :D :D :D


2. Fluffle Puff & Friends - Kicked Out & All Alone

Fluffle Puff was the first to awaken in Twilight Sparkles tree house library home. As he pulled the bed sheet off of his face, a cute looking pink fluffy pony could be seen. His blue eyes now scanning eagerly around his surrounding with great interest. Every morning he would admire the view of the inside of his home, as if it was a new house everyday. But the inners of the house wasn't all Fluffle Puff admired. For he also very much admired the changling led beside him. Fluffle Puff looked down at Queen Chrysalis, his eyes wide and dazed. He jumped on top of her sleeping body, and blew raspberries in her face. Queen Crysalis batted Fluffle Puff away and said crossly "go away Fluffle Puff! It's three in the morning!" Fluffle Puff now sat on the floor looking shocked blew another short raspberry, then scrambled awkwardly back onto the bed. He then began jumping up and down annoyingly on top of Queen Crysalis, blowing raspberries like a car engine the entire time. Queen Crysalis flew up into the air so quickly on her jagged wings, that it caused Fluffle Puff to shoot through the air, and smack hard into a wall. Although you wouldn't have realized how hard Fluffle Puff actually hit the wall, and neither did Fluffle Puff, because his fur was so thick and pouffy, that it ended up giving him a soft landing. The wall that should have banged with such a collision, didn't even sound like a pillow gently colliding with someones face.


Queen Crysalis, now so enraged, unable to get back to bed, gave an annoyed groan, and decided to head downstairs for breakfast. While on the stairs however, Fluffle Puff ran towards her blowing rasberries like a hoover constantly, got under her feet, and caused Queen Crysalis to trip over, and fall down the stairs. She fell my the landing, and just managed to flutter her wings to hover above the ground floor. Exausted and shocked from her sudden fall, she stopped flapping, and hit the floor with a loud bump. Fluffle Puff just merely blew another short raspberry, and came over to rub his soft fur against Queen Crysalis's face affectionatly. Queen Crysalis got up slowly, her face red with rage, but she managed to conceil her anger as she said crossly "watch where your going Fluffle Puff!" Fluffle Puff blew one more raspberry, then disapeared into the kitchen to find food.


He immediately began raiding the fridge. Without thinking he had ended up eating the entire contents of the fridge, as well as the cupboard. Queen Crysalis had finally gotten up from her fall, and was now facing another bad situation. Queen Crysalis saw Fluffle Puff licking his lips eagerly, as he finished licking a cake wrapper on the floor. Wrappers littered the kitchen, and icing stained the cupboard doors. Queen Crysalis went to the fridge to get some breakfast, only to find it bare. She then took a deep breath, and began banging cupboard doors shut one after the other, getting even more angry as she went along. She turned on Fluffle Puff, took one more deep breath, and said in an irritated tone "Fluffle Puff... Where is all the food? I could have swarn these cupboards were full last night!" Fluffle Puff said nothing as he continued to lick his lips, ensuring all flavour of cake around his moush was removed completely. Queen Crysalis surprised herself with how calm she was taking all this. She grabbed a pen and a piece of screwed up cake wrapper on the floor, and began to write a shopping list of stuff they would need for breakfast. She then showed Fluffle Puff the list so he could read it. Fluffle Puff went to grab it out of her hoof, thinking it was food, but Queen Crysalis managed to pull the cake wrapper away just in time. She said slowly "read, not eat!" Fluffle Puff then began scanning his eyes slowly across the list, taking in what it said.


* 5 large carrots

* 10 bright yellow buttercup heads

* 2 large red juicy apples

Fluffle Puff blew a short raspberry to show that he had taken it all in. Queen Crysalis then handed the shopping list to Fluffle Puff, which he held in his mouth for a second, and then decided to swallow it. Queen Crysalis growled crossly, and began re-writing the list on another cake wrapper she found on the floor as she said loudly "HOW MUCH CAN ONE PONY EAT!?" She handed the cake wrapper with the shopping list on to Fluffle Puff, which he held in his mouth once again. Queen Crysalis quickly said rather paniky "don't swallow it this time! You need to follow the shopping list, and buy the items listed on the cake wrapper! Understand?!" Fluffle Puff blew a short raspberry to show he understood what she had just said. Queen Crysalis handed Fluffle Puff a small gem as she said "here take this! That should be enough to cover getting all those items!" Queen Crysalis headed for the front door, followed closely by a bounding pink ball of excitement. As Queen Crysalis held the door open for Fluffle Puff, Fluffle Puff nuzzled against Queen Crysalis lovingly, before bouding out the open front door, into the warm summer sunshine.


On the way to the shops he bumped into Rarity in her lastest top of the line outfit, and Rainbow Dash who was clearing the clouds, and decided to come down to greet Fluffle Puff. Fluffle Puff hugged Rarity, and recieved a snazzy looking blue bowtie. But when Fluffle Puff licked Rarity thankfully in the face, then decided to nuzzle her face, she ran off screaming after realizing her hair had been messed up. Fluffle Puff ended up also hugging Rainbow Dash. But when Fluffle Puff wouldn't end the hug quickly, Rainbow Dash had to bolt out of Fluffle Puff's affectionate grip, and fly high into the sky out of Fluffle Puff's reach.


Along the way, Fluffle Puff also bumped into Octavia with Vinyl, Derpy with Dr Hooves, and Cheerelee walking with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders were Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. All of these ponies Fluffle Puff did meet on his walk each got a really long loving hug, some willing to have cuddles, others like Vinyl, Scootaloo, and Dr Hooves not so eager for the affection. It took a while to get to the shop stalls, considering how many ponies Fluffle Puff kept bumping into, and how long each hug took.


When Fluffle Puff finally got to the market place, the stall he went to was owned by Carrot Top. Carrot Top politely said "hello dear Fluffle Puff, and what would you be wanting this fine morning?" Fluffle Puff hugged Carrot Top, taking her by surprise. When Fluffle Puff had finished, he began shaking his head to show her the cake wrapper with the shopping list on it. Carrot Top screwed up her face as she took the soggy saliva covered cake wrapper from Fluffle Puff's mouth. She sighed and said "I can only sell you carrots, I don't have the others things on your list". She took the gem, and gave Fluffle Puff some change, and 5 big juicy carrots. Fluffle Puff carried the bag away as Carrot Top shouted after him saying quickly "you might have luck getting the rest of your items if you go see Daisys stall and Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres.


Fluffle Puff now made his way towards Daisys stall, apsolutly blooming with many colourful flowers, some for decoration purposes, and others fit for eating. Daisy said with a sweet smile "oh hello there Fluffe Puff, it's nice to see you again! What are you looking for today?" Fluffle Puff surprised her with a hug, just as she had with Carrot Top. Once he had finished hugging her, he began shaking his head to show her the shopping list. Daisy leaned forward, reluctant to take the soggy cake wrapper from Fluffle Puff's mouth. She then began cutting some brightly yellow Buttercups, and bagging them up for Fluffle Puff. Fluffle Puff handed over the change from Carrot Top, and left with a little bit of cash left over, and a bag full of 10 Buttercup heads.


Fluffle Puff now bounded his way over to Sweet Apple Acres, where he was greeted by Applejack now exiting the large barn. Applebloom noticed Fluffle Puff, and quickly ran away to her tree house, afraid to be hugged in front of her sister. "Well howdy partner, what can I do you for?!" Applejack shouted joyfully. Fluffle Puff ran at Applejack, knocking her to the ground with a great big excited hug. After Applejack returned to her feet, Fluffle Puff shook his head to show Applejack the shopping list in his mouth. Applejack smiled and said "ah! Yeh need apples do ya! Well Fluffle Puff, you've came to the right place! We got lots of scrumptious apples!" Fluffle Puff looked around himself, admiring all the green trees, littered with the biggest, most tastiest red and green apples he had ever seen. Fluffle Puff swallowed the cake wrapping with the shopping list on it, and began licking his lips, his eyes wide with interest. "Big Macintosh! Get out her to get this here Fluffle Puff some of our tastiest red apples!" Big Macintosh came out of the barn, and nothing as he was always quite a quiet pony. He headed towards one of the biggest apple trees nearby, and gave it one hard bucking, causing lots of apples to fall to off of the tree, landing neatly into a basket sat beside the tree.Fluffle Puff handed over the rest of the cash, grapped two of the largest red apples in the basket, and bounded off excitedly as Applejack yelled at him "HEY! YOU FORGOT YOUR CHANGE!" Fluffle Puff didn't hear her, as he headed home to Queen Crysalis.


But on the way home, his belly began to rumble aggressively. He decided only to eat a little of the food, but one bit after another, eventually all of the food was gone. He then bounded home with the empty bags. Queen Crysalis was in a rage at the sight of the empty bags. She only just managed to prevent herself from hitting Fluffle Puff. But when she realized he had also forgotten the change, she completely lost control of her anger. She ended up booting Fluffle Puff straight out of the door, and yelling "NEVER COME BACK!!!!! YOUR JUST TROUBLE!!!! YOU CAN NEVER DO GOOD!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!!!!!" Fluffle Puff didn't understand why he had been shut out. He blew a raspberry while his face looked rather confused. He began scratching the front door continously, but when Queen Crysalis yelled "GO AWAY!!!!" Fluffle Puff began to tear up. He led down outside the front door, like a welcome mat, hoping Queen Crysalis would open the door soon before nightfall. But when it began to get dark, and he saw the bedroom light go out, Fluffle Puff began leaking tears hysterically. He ran away crying, and ended up jumping into a bin to hide from the darkness, sulking as he cried himself to sleep.

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