Happy Sorrows

I walked into my moms’ house. I’m in for it now. This is my third time ditching class. I look around and see pictures on the wall in the hallway that leads to the living room. Right now I’m wearing black combat boots black tights and a fluffy purple shredded skirt and a green t-shirt. In contrast I have my shoulder length white-silver hair pulled up in plaits and pretty green eye shadow to bring out my neon green eyes.


8. Dream


                            Chapter seven: Dream

I’m running, running from something, or is it someone?

I’m so disoriented and confused, what’s going on? I look down at myself I’m a seven year old girl. I’m holding someone’s hand.

“Don’t worry sister, I won’t let them get you” I look over and look into identical eyes that are electric green.

“It’s okay you can leave me here and run brother” I say and smile for my younger brother.

“No, no I won’t leave you, don’t make me” he says angry tears streaming down his little face. The man is getting closer.


        Long ago we used to have a peaceful village and a non-warring clan. But everything changed when the Robin clan said that we were evil because of our eyes and our powers. Now the Robin hunters are after every single Fanalis.

Including us.

Now we are being hunted and I will die.

The man is gaining on us. He takes out the knife that has killed every Fanalis even now. He goes for my brother and I step in front of him at the right time and get stabbed.

“In the name of the Holy Robin I will demolish you” the Robin hunter says and kills us both. His purple eyes glare at us. Then he stabs my brother. Then the Robin is gone.

“Sister, sister don’t die!” my brother says.

“Live life to the fullest” I tell him and the last thing I see are my brothers crying face. My brothers gleaming green eyes. My brother: Lyle.











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