Happy Sorrows

I walked into my moms’ house. I’m in for it now. This is my third time ditching class. I look around and see pictures on the wall in the hallway that leads to the living room. Right now I’m wearing black combat boots black tights and a fluffy purple shredded skirt and a green t-shirt. In contrast I have my shoulder length white-silver hair pulled up in plaits and pretty green eye shadow to bring out my neon green eyes.


9. Crazy Reality



                        Chapter eight

I wake up with a jolt.

What a sad dream!

“Sister” I hear someone say. Oh for the love of everything that’s holy.

“What” I say.

“They canceled classes, now we can spend all day together!” Lyle says in a really proud voice. I throw my pillow at him, grab my other one and put it over my head.

“Go away” I say.

“But, I came all this way for you” he says with a puppy dog voice.

“I live only a couple doors from you” I say in an exasperated voice. Won’t he go away? I don’t remember the dream I had anymore.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the cafeteria” Lyle says with confidence.

“Apologize, to Morning” I say, and just like that, his bubble of confidence is popped.

“But, I can’t, nor do I want to!” he says like I just told him to eat nasty olives.

“Why not?” I ask with eyes that could penetrate anything.

“Don’t look at me like that . . . fine!” Lyle says like I told him to go jump off a cliff.

“Thanks Lyle!” I say with instance relief. He smiles a genuine smile that fascinates me to no end.

“You’re welcome” he says. He gets up tells me bye and leaves. For the first time in ages I feel dread, cold hard dread like someone just died that was very close to me.

Someone did just die! Says an annoying voice in my head but, as far as I can remember, no one died . . .  that I know of anyway.

I take a look about the room again to clear my mind and see an emerald green door with a golden handle. I walk over to the door and contemplate onto whether or not I should open it. I open it like they always do in horror movies . . . and laugh.

 It’s a personal bathroom and a big one with TWO sinks! Now that’s just awesome! I sigh and smile to myself. I go back in the other room and get a towel that I brought along with, my skinny jeans that are black along with a shirt that says “Dare you to mess with me kid!” and some clean underclothes.

 Then I head back to the bathroom and look at the cabinets underneath the sink and find shampoo and conditioner in one, the smell good kind too! Along with Body wash and a little puff thing . . . . Sweet! I walk over to the tub and turn on the water. I feel to see if it’s still cold and it’s just the right temperature. While I undress I think about the dream which I cannot recall, then I jump into the bath sloshing water on the sides.

After I get done with my bath, I dry off and start to get dressed. I look at the mirror as I wiggle my clothes on, my hair is wet and wavy and my eyes are . . . rainbow? For sure, all my life they’ve been green right? I look away and ponder this but as I look back at the mirror my eyes are back to the same color they’ve always have been. Was that an illusion?

I recall what someone had said once before: Is life and reality what we thought it was? Of course, because this reality is just walls to protect the insanity that is breaking in isn’t? Because life is not reality it is a mere illusion waiting for its best friend death, or is it an enemy?

Who had said it? Or maybe it was me? Because I can be Zen sometimes! That’s a laugh, I smile to myself secretly. I walk out the bathroom door and leave my dirty clothes for later. I still have the towel in my hands I bring it up to my head and start drying my hair. Blocking everything out.

“Life is not reality it is a mere illusion” I repeat the words aloud. I laugh to myself. They make no sense.

“That is correct, whoever has told you that is very wise” a male voice says from my bed. I stop drying my hair and take the towel off my head.

A man is sitting on my bed, one that I don’t know either. That is so weird. He has white hair with a rainbow streak in it that goes to his shoulders. I study his face as he studies mine. He has eyes that are a gold color that’s on the verge of becoming orange. He has a very petite nose and a laughing mouth and pearly whites with dimples.

He gives off a gentle appearance but, is also very dangerous. He has a green-olive, long-sleeved shirt that makes his muscles evident along with jeans that judging from his style, hang low and he took off his shoes already and is sitting Indian-styled . . . on my bed. He looks older than a student but not old enough to be a teacher, maybe he’s the physco killer on the loose. I narrow my eyes; he laughs at me and smiles a smile that would make most dads cringe.

“Who are you? Are you a crazy-insane-puppy-kicking-weirdo-murderer?” I state with an edge to my voice.

“Crazy? Aren’t we all?” he simply states like that should be obvious, not denying the rest. I throw my towel at him and he catches it. He stares me down.

“That wasn’t very nice, clearly you were aiming for my face” he says with an accusing voice and a full out grin.

“Me? Never!” I say innocently though I would do it again. I inch closer almost like I was compelled to do so. He smiles like most people do that when he’s in a room. So this guy is just another arrogant guy? Something’s off about him. Like the way I felt compelled to get close to him.

“I don’t like you” I say the edge still evident in my voice.

“Not yet, but you will” he says it like I won’t be able to survive without him.

“I’ll pay you ten bucks when that happens” I say and laugh. This guy still creeps me out.

“A bet? All the more fun to hang around” he says with eyes that would make any girls jump off the cliff for him and willingly with joy.

“Don’t make bets you can’t keep, I don’t even know your name” I say making an effort not to smile back at him but that’s what he wants which is altogether the more frustrating. I grind my teeth.

“If you want to know about me and my name all you have to do is come over here, and ask politely” he says sweetly with his voice beckoning me. I took a few steps in a daze then suddenly I was very close to the bed, very close to where he was. Then I shake myself and take a step back, but too late; He grabbed my hand which only made me more compelled to get near him.

He pulled my hand near his ear which made me stumble and . . . made our faces very close together, dangerously close. A smile creeps up his lips and intensifies when he sees me looking for a way to escape.

“Hmmm . . . interesting, you are different from most” he says and laughs with arrogance.

“Just so you know my hand is very close to your face, I can slap you” I say and try to, but his grip on my hand tightens to where I can’t move it. Then he lifts me up onto the bed opposite from him and is still very close, to close for comfort. I notice that our knees are touching. He rests his head into his hand and studies me.

“My name is Uri, and I was supposed to be your Guardian and/ or Watcher so like anywise I blew that off since I’m one of the Silent” he says  it so casually you would think we were talking about the weather.

“I would say I believe you, but I don’t really” I say and laugh but, I’ve always heard crazy stuff that was actually true so he might be telling the truth. I’ve always been to trusting so he might be lying and really just another killer. He laughs.

“You are an amusing girl, you seem to be thinking a lot at the moment” he says. Why does everyone say that? That’s getting annoying!

“I seem to be getting that a lot” I say and scowl.

“What a funny look” he says like he’s never seen somebody do that before and tilts his head on his hand. This reminds me of a song my brother used to sing when he got sad.

Dear Jace, I wrote a thousand letters I’ll never send                           called your phone just to press end                                           Jace you’re breaking my heart                                                 Almost like it’s some kind of art                                                                Dear Jace you leave me every time                                                       Like my hearts just a washed up dime

Oooh you’re breaking my heart                                                                       Oooh almost like it’s an art

“Hello, you’re like zoned out or something I can’t believe that you aren’t mesmerized by my eyes or face” he says being really sincere. I just stare at him.

“You’re an idiot” I say plainly.

“How welcoming, but a lot of the times that’s not what I’m called usually handsome and dashing among other things” he says and smiles like I just said something funny, which proves my point: He’s an idiot.

“I can think of numerous things to call you neither dashing nor handsome are one of them” I say, but he is kind of, if I have to admit which I don’t! He smirks.

“Sure” he says like I asked a stupid question. The more that you fight, the more that your mine, I’ll keep you forever. I remember someone singing that but I don’t remember who.

“Hmm” I say still thinking of the songs that are not named nor is the person that sang them.

“Well I must go and I must say that I hope you will be alright and I want you to call on me when you need me whether it is to tell me you love me or to sob on my shoulder maybe you’ll need help while you’re on the brink of death and you need a hero don’t you forget your caught in his spider web” he says and winks while he pats my head like a kid and whispers “Break it”. Then he disappears.

Well that conversation was bewildering. Plus who disappears out of thin air. I’m going to leave that for later. What was I going to do after I was so rudely interrupted? Right, I took a shower and . . .?

I’ll give you a taste; one drop will erase all your defenses. Sings a boys voice the same as the one before, who is it? That is the question. Ugh, a singing voice and possibly a murderer, my day has been peachy today hasn’t it?

I hear a knock on my door. I grab the towel that I threw at Uri and continue to dry my hair as I walk to the door and open it.

“Greetings” says the girl standing in front of me. I don’t even know where to start! I thought the gothic style was out, apparently not; well it might not be gothic, but maybe tough girl?

The girl herself has black hair, which is obviously dyed. She then has multiple piercings, as well as fake tattoos. Her clothes imply that she is a classic Goth {or tough girl}. She has long sleeves that are black and black skinny jeans with combat boots and a dark glare that would have anyone running.

“Hiya” I say in my best melodic voice.

“My name is Nikki” she says and raises an eyebrow. She could just ask my name y’know?

“Names Jace” I say and smirk something she probably didn’t predict, she probably thought I was some girl next door who was a goody two shoes. I do a full out grin with my hundred watt smile that is straight tooth, no crooked ones in there.

“I think we’ll be friends right away” she says and laughs. Where’d she get that idea?

“Yep” I say not really agreeing with her just nodding so she can go away. I see someone coming up the stairs. A boy with silver shoulder length hair and bangs, that is pulled into a braid and identical eyes to mine is laughing with Dacey who are coming up the stairs along with Lyle. Once Lyle sees me he runs to me, I mean literally one minute, he’s on the stairs, and the next he’s right in front of me. He has a paper in his hand. He gives it to me and I put it my pocket so no one can see.

“Hey sister, did you hear that parents can visit today since classes are canceled?” he says happy that I might see my mom again.

“I’m so happy I live so far away” I say and give him thumbs up.

“I know, we should eat lunch!” he says like it just popped in his mind.

“Hello, I’m still here” says Nikki with one clearly drawn on eyebrow.

“I’m sorry I just didn’t have the attention span to listen to two people at once” I say and stare at her like she’s an idiot for saying what she said.

“Man *Laugh* your *Tear up* funny *Wheeze*, your just to much *All together now*” she said in between laughs. Why do I keep getting that? By now Dacey and the other blonde boy are approaching us. Why is everyone gathering in my room?

“Hello Jace, I’m here to escort Lyle so he doesn’t hurt anyone” he says and waits for Lyle’s reaction. Lyle looks at him in horror then at me like he thinks I believe Dacey. All I give him is an eye roll.

“I don’t think Lyle would hurt me, just others around me” I say and Lyle gives me thumbs up.

“Your Lyle’s sister?” says the silver headed boy.



Lyle and I say at the same time.

“We are not related in any way, we didn’t know each other until Dacey introduced us and now Lyle seems to have this crazy delusion that he’s somehow related to me, which is not possible” I say and sigh. I look at Lyle, he seems encouraged. What did I do that gave him that look?

“Well you don’t know that, we’re both adopted and don’t know who our real parents are! So that’s good right?” he said with joy clearly on his face, everyone looks mystified.

“That could be explained, a lot of the residence looks the same here and most of us here are adopted” says Dacey on my behalf. I hear my telephone ring. I head for my door and walk through the threshold and spot my phone on the bedside table. Lucky enough that we were able to have a phone on campus. Lyle follows me and so do his escorts. Along with Nikki of course. I look around and see everyone just invited themselves in, well at least there not using my tub.

My phone rings again. I go over and look at my Iphone 5’s screen. My ‘grandmother’ is calling my phone, I have managed to avoid her for months, but she would get through to Lucy and they would both get mad at me. I eye the phone warily. I accept the number.

“Hello Jace, you have been avoiding me haven’t you?” says my Grandmothers voice, caught huh? Might as well go for it.

“Sorry I’m not home right now, I’m either avoiding you or can’t get to the phone right now, so leave a message and call me back” I say like a bored attendant at a hotel giving you bad service. Everyone looks confused since I’m obviously here. Now it’s gone to deep, you wake me in my sleep sings a male’s voice. I really am going crazy!

“The head of the families have gotten together and have decided you and Fane to get married” says my Grandmother in an unattached voice she has always used around me, of course she favors my step sisters and has always regarded me coldly. My jaw drops open. Lyle is the only one that has heard this since he is so close. His eyes turn hard. Uh-oh.

“What?” Lyle and I say simultaneously.

“Who is that? No matter, when you get done with school you will come home” she says with a frivolous voice knowing someone is listening on the conversation. I hang up. Oh, I so need to talk to someone. Why when we do our darkest deeds do we tell? He sings again.

“Did that baggy old lady say what I think she said! If you need me to I can go to her house and stage an “accident”.” He says doing the quotation marks with his fingers.

“I know how to hide a body.” Says Nikki nonchalantly, like we’re not planning to kill my grandmother.

Lyle glares at me, not really glaring at me just angry at what my Grandmother said. I stick out my tongue.

“They really do act like siblings and look alike” says the boy with identical eyes. I stare at him, like really stare at him like he just jumped off a building and survived.

“I just realized that I don’t know you” I say plainly.

“Well I never introduced myself, how could you?” he says and laughs. He looks like us as well.

“Jace Kadet” I say and put out my hand to shake. Lyle looks like he can’t believe I didn’t hug him.

“Fray Holibough” he says and shakes my hand. Lyle runs over to us and hugs us both at the same time.

“I have come to believe that we are triplets” Lyle says with enthusiasm.

“You’re an” I say and get cut off.

“Idiot” Fray finishes. We stare him down, but he only smiles. A very scary grin I might add.

“You’re even finishing each other’s sentences!” he says too excitedly. Fray and I look at Lyle. Then I hold my hands out and push them. I look at everyone then roll my eyes.

“Emotional overload, thanks everyone for keeping me company but you guys need to go so like bye” I say and give them an angelic smile with a hint of Devil in it. They all leave, finally.










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