Against my Will

*Different Fandoms/ Characters*

Lily was a normal high school teenagers, she had her bullies, her friends and her boys. Everything felt normal in her life.
But one night Lily is out drinking with one of her friends, and on the way to a party she sees a guy beating up a police officer. She needs to help him, but this time doing the right thing ends her up in the last place she wanted to be. Lily is kidnapped by four guys she doesn't know.. and held against her will.
*Read to find out*


3. Kevin came back

"Kevin!" I shouted as I rushed into biology that morning.

He swerved around as soon as he heard my voice and picked me off of the ground. My friends 'awwed' us and some of his friends laughed, but I was totally fine with that because all of his friends are pretty decent guys. "You came back?" I asked him.

Kevin nodded. "Mum and dad decided that moving wasn't for them."

I was over the moon. "I missed you so much," I said, kissing him. 

At that moment, the biology teacher, mr Jacobson, walked in. He looked at Kevin, told him he was glad he had moved home, and then told us to return to our seats. I gave Kevin one final kiss and sat down beside Eva. 

"I'm absolutely ecstatic for your party," I nudged her with my elbow. "What are you wearing?"

"I'm panicking," Eva replied. "I don't know what to wear, what to do, how to act. What if it's a total flop? What if it's only me and you? Ugh, what the fuck do I wear?"

I rolled my eyes, smiled and shook my head. "You'll look hot, okay? I, on the other hand, know exactly what I'm wearing. But you will have to wait and see. And I need you to tell me as soon as possible, before your party! Besides, I don't want to overrun the birthday girl."

Biology came and passed, as did English, maths, French and drama. We studied Ancient Greece in history, and finally, played dodge ball in PE. It wasn't a too bad day, it wasn't up there with concerts or amusement parks, but it was edging along with school trips and whatnot. As days went, it was decent.

Kevin and I walked home and went into my bedroom as soon as we got back. Dad wasn't in, fortunately. We lay on the bed, and started making out. 

After ten minutes, Kevin started unbuttoning my school shirt and pulled off his polo. I stripped out of my skirt and tights, pressing myself on top of him and kissing him as he pulled off his jeans. We were under the covers and eventually naked. 

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you," he replied.

We lay together for a while, making out, until Kevin looked at his watch and realised the time. He had to go out for his sister's birthday. He invited me, but I said that I had to stay home and help my dad, which wasn't untrue.

Kevin left after getting dressed and kissing me at the front door. I went to shut it, but his foot popped back in. "Oh, and by the way," he started. "You look hot naked."

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