Against my Will

*Different Fandoms/ Characters*

Lily was a normal high school teenagers, she had her bullies, her friends and her boys. Everything felt normal in her life.
But one night Lily is out drinking with one of her friends, and on the way to a party she sees a guy beating up a police officer. She needs to help him, but this time doing the right thing ends her up in the last place she wanted to be. Lily is kidnapped by four guys she doesn't know.. and held against her will.
*Read to find out*


4. Eva's party

It was finally Friday. The party I had been waiting for all week was finally here. Of course school took forever to pass, the only interesting thing with a hint of potential was the fact that Anna Sanderson, a girl in my geography class, found out she was pregnant and the entire school found it within three minutes. Anna was now a wreck.

Eva came over to my house; our plan was to get ready together and then go back to her house and make an entrance at her own party. Weird, but we thought it would be cool. "This will be the party of the century," I said, plumping up my lips with Vaseline. "Are you drinking?"

"Fuck yeah. No parents, I won't just be drinking, if you know what I'm saying," Eva laughed.

I agreed with her. Even though I had only been properly intoxicated about twice, and both times I had heard extremely embarrassing, non-memory, hilarious stories of what I had done during said intoxicated period, I still wanted to do it. At the time its great, but the morning after is death. 

I told Eva that I planned on doing it with Kevin tonight. "Have you not before?" she asked.

"Not properly, not exactly. I can't explain. Like, we got naked and stuff, but we've never really had the time do, y'know," I tried to explain.

"Don't fret, I haven't either. Not found the right person, I guess."

Eva and I were close enough to talk about these things, even if some girls in our year thought they could say it literally to strangers. Those sluts were not coming tonight.

"I'm going to get changed, okay?" Eva said. "Me too, don't come in without knocking!" I shouted after her as she left for the bathroom.

I changed into a tight black bodycon dress with a see-through black lace section around the middle. I pulled on some high, red, chunky-heeled, thick strap heels and grabbed a red clutch filled with only a few bits I thought I would need. I straightened my hair and tied half of it up and ended up curling the bottoms. 

When Eva appeared from the bathroom, she looked absolutely stunning in a tight at the top, loose at the bottom, short silk, strapless purple dress with black velvet heels and a black clutch. She left her blonde hair up in a high ponytail and threw on some natural make up. I topped up my red lipstick and we went downstairs.

"Wow, wow, Lily. How old do you think you are? Dress is a bit short... provocative," dad said as I came downstairs.

"Dad, do you expect me to wear a cape?" I asked, Eva laughed.

"It would be an improvement."

"DAD! It's Eva's fucking birthday, what do you say? Look, I'll be home tomorrow. I love you," I said, and headed for the door.

"You swear once more in front of me and you won't ever be leaving the house again, understand? Happy birthday Eva. Goodnight girls, have a good time."

I waved to dad as we left and we started walking down the drive. "I think Carl's picking us up," Eva said.

Carl was her boyfriend, he was two years older and honestly not exactly as hot as I thought Eva could pick up. He was exceptionally hilarious and really really sweet, so I guess that's why she chose him. I'm glad she chooses personality over looks.

"Carl, where are you? My party starts in fifteen minutes," Eva spoke into the phone. "He'll be two minutes. He's basically pulling into your street now."

"Shit, my keys," I said, fiddling with my clutch. "Go, now. I'll get my dad to take me. Happy birthday, Eva."

Eva left with Carl, kissing my cheek and telling me to hurry. I went back inside, grabbed my keys and asked dad to take me. "Sorry, darling, I have had something to drink and I wouldn't like to chance it."

"Ugh dad! I promised I wouldn't swear but you are making it hard for me," I said. "I'll call Kevin. Bye again!"

When Kevin said he couldn't take me because he was already there and already drinking, I decided to walk. It was extremely dangerous and I knew the chances were that I would be raped or murdered, but I took the bet and left my street. Taking a short cut I thought I knew, I started to hear noises of struggle and so I approached where they were coming from.

"You fucking pig!" a voice shouted. Punch. "You dirty fucking pig!"

"Please!" another voice. Slap. Kick. "Please stop!"

I walked down the alleyway the noises were coming from, trying to silence my heels as much as possible. There they were, four guys standing around a body on the floor. I whined as they slapped the shit out of the body that almost seemed lifeless. I felt bad for the guy, and thought if I should help him, but these other guys looked dangerous and there was only one of me.

"Fucking mug! How dare you roam our streets and pick up people for doing what? Nothing! Fucking cop," a different voice said.

A cop? They were kicking the shit into a police officer?

Suddenly, as if I had done the worst thing in the world that not even God could forgive, I knocked a bottle. A fucking beer bottle that was on the edge of the pavement fell and smashed.

"Stop, guys," one of them said, approaching me. "Who the fuck is this?"

He pulled me along by my hair, me slapping out at him. When we reached his friends he punched me in the face, making me fall to the ground. One of them kicked me. "Fucking eavesdropper."

"Look, she has seen us, what now?"

Whilst they were talking, I looked at the body on the ground, he was breathing. His eyes opened and widened when they saw me lying there. I was in pain, but I could recognise him. He was the officer that occasionally roamed our streets in search of criminals. What was his name? Tom? Yes! Officer Tom Hiddleston. 

He looked at me with such sorrow that I forgot about my pain and focused on his. His face was slit and cut so deep the blood wouldn't stop. 

"Let's take her," one voice said. I stopped breathing for a split second and tried to run. I pulled myself off of the ground and tried to sprint. Fucking heels. As I reached just about three feet, I felt a hand go over my mouth. I tried to scream, to holler out but no one would hear me with the muffling jumper sleeve over my face.

"Just silence, bitch," the voice said.

I kicked and screamed and hit around, swishing both ways. Then I saw a face fall in front of me, with dark hazel eyes and tanned skin. He gave me a sarcastic smile and told me to shut up, before he punched me once again and I fell back to the floor, the hand still covering my mouth.

"This is your lucky day, officer," the voice said reaching down to the man. "We'll take her instead of you."

I looked at him as they picked me off of the ground, he mouthed 'I'm sorry', as I felt something smash against the back of my head and then everything went black.

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