Against my Will

*Different Fandoms/ Characters*

Lily was a normal high school teenagers, she had her bullies, her friends and her boys. Everything felt normal in her life.
But one night Lily is out drinking with one of her friends, and on the way to a party she sees a guy beating up a police officer. She needs to help him, but this time doing the right thing ends her up in the last place she wanted to be. Lily is kidnapped by four guys she doesn't know.. and held against her will.
*Read to find out*


5. Cameron Dallas

Upon awakening, I didn't recognise the room I was in. It had large silver walls and a hard concrete floor. I tried moving my arms, legs and torso, but everything was restrained to a chair. I was in the middle of the cold room, alone, struggling to get out of the ropes. "Hello?" I called out.

No one came, and I didn't expect anyone to come. I repeated the word over and over again, hoping that eventually someone would come and free me.

I gave up trying, even though I was terrified about where I was, and starting piecing together everything that happened the night before. Those guys, the police officer, the beer bottle. Fuck. Had they taken me? 

"No, she's like seventeen. I think Robertson High School," a voice said outside.

I shut my eyes and wished to be out of there, and then decided to pretend to be asleep. The large metal door pushed open and the four guys from the night before appeared. "Wakey wakey. Slut, get up," the one with brown eyes said.

I opened my eyes to the tiniest slit possible. The guys in the room were all pretty good looking guys, but these four were my kidnappers.  There was the brown eyed one, with brown hair and tanned skin. There was an extremely good looking one with green-blue eyes and light brown hair. One with extremely good cheekbones, pale skin and light blue eyes. And the last one had miraculously blue eyes, black hair and light freckles reflecting on his pale skin.

"Wake up!" the brown eyed one shouted.

Opening my eyes fully, I noticed that Cheekbones was standing near the door, Blue Eyes was sitting on some sort of unit, Brown Eyes was towering over me, and Good Looking was standing with crossed arms against a wall.

"Good morning, sunshine," Brown Eyes, breathing deep into my cheek. "Name please?"

I didn't respond, causing him to slap the answer out of me. "Lily... L... Lily Collins," I stuttered.

"Stop hitting her," Cheekbones said, pressing his hand into his head. "Please." Brown Eyes glared at him. "Are you fucking kidding me?" he responded, then he slapped me across the face. 

"So, Lily... I should probably introduce myself. I'm Cameron Dallas," he bowed, cocky shit. Then he introduced everyone else. Cheekbones was now Jamie Bower, Blue Eyes was Nash Grier, and Good Looking was Zac Efron.

I nodded at each of them, as warm blood trickled down my forehead and onto my leg. "You seem to have an injury," Cameron laughed as he prodded the wound with his finger. I flinched. 


Cameron was sick person. He found pleasure in abusing me, raping me. For days on end I was his play toy. The only other person who had started finding a sliver of pleasure in the abuse was Nash. The both of them, as if a team, constantly made my life hell. Jamie and Zac were very reluctant about even going near me, they didn't want to abuse or rape. I guessed they had just found themselves in unwanted trouble and couldn't leave it. 

"Now, Lily. I was hoping you and I could have a little chat, one to one," Cameron said as everyone left the room one afternoon.

I shut my eyes and wished for someone to save me, as I knew exactly was about to happen. He untied me from the chair I had spent weeks in, and made me stand. I followed him to a room, consisting of a bed and a door. He locked the door behind me and forced me onto the bed.

I chose to remove my feelings, and let everything go. It all happened so fast in my head, but in real life it was slow. I wanted it to be over, I prayed, as still as I could be I just let it happen. I didn't struggle, because I knew how useless it would be. And as Cameron finished, he lay with me in his arms. 

"I love you," he whispered into my ear. His breath was warm and stuffy against my cheek.

He spun me around and I was soon facing right into his dark eyes. And suddenly, as if what had just happened, hadn't happened, I felt myself falling further into his trap. Those eyes, that face. What was happening? Cameron Dallas had done it. Cameron Dallas, my abuser, had made me fall in love with him.

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