Between The Stage Lights.

Lyric is eighteen years old, just having graduated form high school and being accepted into the college of her dreams- life is pretty rockin'.

Matthew is twenty one, an uprising singer/songwriter, who just happens to move into a community in Rode Island.

One freak occurrence brings them together, but if the paparazzi need a new star crossed lovers story, and fans don't accept what they think is a budding relation ship, will whatever is between the two last?


6. Matthew.

After I see Lyric go inside her house, I sit on my couch and pull out my guitar. I write a song about Lyric, but the way I phrase it you wouldn't know it was about her.

My manager texts me and tells me the dates I'm going to start touring, mid September. The first show is here, maybe I can bring Lyric along.

A thought pops into my head, maybe I shouldn't tell her that I'm a singer. I don't know why I think of that, music is my life, but something tells me to hide my job from her.

I put the dates in my calendar, the tour bus will be ready by the sixteenth of September, so we should start touring right around the time schools around here start. I don't know how that will help my publicity though...

I go outside and stand on the wooden balcony, the sky is starting to get darker as the minutes tick by, the clouds getting darker with it and the sun falls to the lake. It's pretty, the view was really worth every thing I spent on this little shack.

I glance over to Lyric's beach, what do you know, she's there! She's painting, I chuckle to myself thinking about how she probably can't really paint and she just does this as a hobby.

"Lyric!" I hear myself call over to her, I wave a little hoping she'll spot me out of all of these trees.

She casually looks over and smiles as she waves back at me. "Hey!"

"What are you doing?" I ask.


No, really? "Can I come over?"


I smile, I rush down from my balcony and jog over to her. She has a little canvas in her lap, a glass cup covered in pain splatters, and a worn out box of watercolors next to her.

"You paint?" I ask as I sit down next to her. Well, obviously she paints. I cringe at myself and am thankful I have sunglasses on. Speaking of those, I pull them up to the top of my head trying to get a better look at her painting.

"Yeah," her voice is laced with giggles, "I'm going to college for it."

"Ooh, a college girl?" I tease. "How old are you?"


Wow, she doesn't look that young. "Uh huh, so there's three years between us?" I hold up three fingers and she looks up at me. She moves her arm and I finally see her painting. "Wow, that's really nice,"

"Thanks," she says nervously. She slightly tugs at her bottom lip and dips her brush back into the now green water.

It's true though, the scene plastered onto the little canvas is a blue sky fading into a deep ruby red sunset with hints of orange and pink. The lake glimmers in the little sunlight left and then there's a little person sitting on a beach chair in the sand.

We talk for a little while. I start to get hungry and invite Lyric over for dinner. Who could pass up Domino's? As soon as we step inside I feel a little self-conscious. I didn't clean up enough, there's still clothes everywhere but at least I don't see any underwear out. Thanks past self.

"You play?" I hear her ask.

I turn around and see her gawking at my guitar. "Guitar? Yep." I turn back to the fridge in front of me, oh, maybe we could actually cook something...

"Could you maybe play me a little?" She sheepishly asks.

I smile and nod. It's always a good idea to play to impress a pretty girl. I sit down on the couch and pull my guitar into my lap, the song I was writing earlier burns in its spot and I try to ignore it. I don't 'need to play a song I wrote, so I play 'Therapy' by All Time Low.

"That's one of my favorite songs!" She says.

I smirk and start to sing, her jaw drops and I can't help but want to burst into laughter. She looks so innocent and naïve, it's cute.

I finish he song, "Back to dinner?"

"Yeah, sure, dude... you can sing." She stresses the last word and I shake my head. Oh, if you only knew.

I'm still embarrassed about it all though, so I look down at my hands and feel my face turn red. "Thanks."

We end up cooking a chicken parmesan pasta recipe I have hidden in the cook books my mom gave me before I moved out. In the middle of watching an episode of Bones, I feel Lyric fall asleep cuddled up against my shoulder. I smile, what am I doing?

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