New Kid on the Block

A new kid in town..


1. A Fresh Start

Let me tell you about myself, my name is Megan and I'm 17. My parents recently got divorced and I am moving to California with my mom to start over, I haven't spoken to my dad in 6 months and I don't plan on speaking to him. My dad was abusive to my mother and I until one day my friend Paige saw what he did to us and reported it to the police. The only I had to love me was my music, I'm a big fan of One Direction (Harry is my favorite) I wonder why I'm still alive everyday, I hate it I constantly fight with my mom ever since we left. I wonder if I would be missed if I was gone. Today I start highschool in California and I'm not going to lie I'm very nervous because I don't think anyone will like me for who I am... I say goodbye to my mom and head for the bus stop down the road from my house. I get on and everyone is starring at me ( Well this is great) I am wearing high waisted shorts with a neon pink crop top and my long brown hair is down and curly which is natural. A boy around 18 offered me to sit next to him, before I could sit down a blonde girl pushed me out of the way and took the spot, she gave me a snotty look but I smiled and walked away and sat next to a girl around my age, I asked her name and she said it was Danielle. Danielle and I talked the whole ride to the school. She even took me to get my schedule and took me to first period and let's say some of these boys are not very respectful to women at all. I arrived to my first period class which was Math which I happen to love. The most gorgeous boy walked in, I believe the teacher said his name was Jacob. I saw the kid from the bus starring at me so I walked over to him. "Hi I'm Megan" he answered "Hi I'm Greg nice to meet you" we were interrupted by the same blonde girl from this morning! "Who do you think you are talking to Greg" "I'm Megan and you are?" "Kathrine" the teacher, Mr. Roter instructed us to take our seats and he started his lesson on trigonometry which is super easy!

Later on during he lesson Jacob came up to me and asked if I wanted to have lunch with him and his friends.. I sat there and nervously shook my head yes to his offer.. I saw Greg struggling with his math so I asked if he needed help but I got nothing but glares from Kathrine which I didn't mind at all she's only a girl am I right?

2nd period: I had English which is my worst subject.. I walked in and I saw Danielle from the bus and Jacob siting at the same square table they had an extra seat open so I asked if I could sit with them and Danielle said sure with a smile and Jacob said of course with a wink. So of course I sat next to him because come on if a cute boy said you can sit there wouldn't you make the next move to sit by him? I starred at Jacobs sharp jaw line and when the teacher asked me " Megan what is your favorite genre?" I stupidly said "Jacobs Jawline" I blushed when I realized what I had said and I heard snickers from the rest of the class... I was so embarrassed so I ran out of the classroom as fast as I could...

Jacobs POV

I turned to Danielle and told her I was gonna go check on Megan but first I shouted to the whole class"She's aloud to say that she's my girlfriend after all" and everyone clapped when I said that statement.

I was running through the halls to try and find Megan but I couldn't find her anywhere until I heard crying and a wince from inside the janitors closet so I knocked and said

" Megan?, babe?"

"Go away Jacob I'm a horrible mess"

"You are a beautiful mess then"

Suddenly I felt the lock being moved so I opened the door and Megan quickly hide under a shelf shaking in fear. I bent down to see her for her to quickly say " RYAN,DONT HURT ME IM CUTTING IM TRYING TO BLEED I WILL DO IT THIS TIME" I had a tear in my eye and told her "Megan sweetheart its Jacob" she looked up in complete fear which quickly turned into tears, I held her as tight as I could to let her know that I'm hers and she is mine. I bandaged her wrists and gave her my sweater so no one would see what she ha d done and I gave her a piggy back ride back to English. We arrived to the door and Megan gave me the biggest hug I've ever received I hugged back as tight as I could.. When we walked back into class holding hands everyone stood up and clapped and Megan look at me in confusion I mouthed "I will talk to you later" she smiled.. Boy was she beautiful but I'm still wondering why she was screaming " RYAN,DONT HURT ME IM CUTTING IM TRYING TO BLEED I WILL DO IT THIS TIME" but I will ask her later.. Megan I turned to me and asked "Jacob can you hold me please?" I smiled and wrapped my arms around her and everyone oooooed Megan giggled and we listened to Mrs.Wreeth talk about Romeo & Juliet...

Megan's POV

So let me explain to you guys who Ryan is like I said before he was my boyfriend who started to hit me because he saw my dad hit my mom. When I first met Ryan he was the sweetest guy ever, used to take me for a long walks,surprise me with gifts or flowers, and use to complement me but like I said before after my parents incident in front of him he got a crazy sense of wanting to be in control and unfortunately I was that target.. One time I couldn't take it anymore so I wanted to commit suicide and I cut my wrist but Ryan walked in on me and he cut it for me and put me in a coma when I woke up I didn't remember anything so he went back to the old Ryan which was lovely but one day when I thought I'm gonna angry he made me think of the old memories and everything came back to me. So I went to my friend Paige's house and I told her everything about my dad and Ryan so her parents called the cops and I have not seen any of them since besides my mom because it was her who saved me! Sob story either way and I don't want you guys to have sympathy, But being with Jacob today made me feel like I was brand-new and I love him well not in love yet! After my memories I went to go find my friend Danielle so we could grab something to eat for lunch.

Danielle's POV

"Megan I'm so sorry that happened to you in your past, but I have a little tip that a certain someone really likes you"

Megan-"yeah right who could possibly find me attractive or even tolerable, I'm a mess!"

Me-"Actually his name starts with a J and ends with a B"

Megan-"oh my gosh JACOB?!"

Me-" yes but don't tell him I told you"

Megan-" I pinky promise, I'm actually gonna find him"

Me-"okay text me details"

Megan-"okay see ya"

Megan's POV

I walked down the hall and saw the most awful thing in my life my heart was crushed into 1 million tiny pieces. It was Katherine and Jacob making out against my locker I started to run as fast as I could.

Jacob's POV

I went to Megan's locker to put a love note in it and I felt someone turn me around and smash their lips on mine, I thought it was Megan but when I opened my eyes it was Kathrine. "What are you doing I don't even like your slutty ass"

Kathrine-"Tell Megan it's payback"

That's when I turned my head and saw Megan running down the hall sobbing oh no wtf did I just do?! I punched the locker as hard as I could I felt the blood drip down from my knuckles..

Megan's POV

I was running fast until I ran into someone "I'm so sorry"

Stranger-"It's okay love"

He had a thick British accent when he spoke, then it clicked in, are you Harry Styles?!

Harry-"shhhh I'm here to register my sister Gemma"

Megan-"I'm sorry"

Harry-"It's okay, look can I have your number? & I must add that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen"

Megan-"no I'm not but sure"

Harry-"I have to go, but text me?"

Megan-"of course"

I ran to find Danielle, but i was so upset I called my mom and told her everything, she called the school & got me permission to leave for the day! I texted Danielle and told her to come over after school and she replied "sounds good"

Jacob's POV

I saw Danielle standing with another girl talking.


Danielle-"get the hell away from me! How dare you do that to Megan especially after what she told you JACOB?!"

Jacob-"I didn't mean to"

Danielle-"yeah right!"

Jacob-"can I explain?"

Danielle"I guess."

Jacob-" okay so I went to put a letter in Megan's locker explaining my feelings for her, then I felt someone grab me and smash their lips on mine, when I opened my eyes and it was Kathrine and I yelled her then I saw Megan run away crying so I punched the locker! Danielle I need to get Mgan back please help"

Danielle-"I believe you, I have an idea meet me at my car after school"

Jacob-"okay thank you"

Megan's POV

I heard a car door close, when I saw Danielle I bawled my eyes out and I couldn't stop "I know it's dumb to cry over him but I actually thought he was the one who could save me from myself" that's when I looked up and saw Jacob with a guitar singing

"I wanna tell you you're beautiful in a way that you have not heard before, but I don't think it's gonna work because I'm not good with words, I wanna tell you you're the reason why the earth spins and the stars shine in the sky but I don't think it's gonna fly because I'm not good with words"

Megan-" That was beautiful but Jacob I don't want to see you so please leave"

Jacob-"Megan let me explain"

I looked at Danielle who was recording this and shaking her yes


Jacob-" okay so I went to put a letter in your locker explaining my feelings for you,then I felt someone grab me and smash their lips on mine, when I opened my eyes and it was Kathrine and I yelled her then I saw you run away crying so I punched the locker! Megan I would ever ever hurt you!"

I smiled at him and gave him the biggest hug ever

Megan-"I'm sorry I overreacted, I've just been so hurt and memories came back"

Before I could finish I felt him crash his lips on mine

Jacob-" this feels right, less slutty" I walked over to Danielle and said

Megan-"Thank you Danielle I will call you later"

Danielle-"No problem, and okay"

Jacob's POV

Megan is so fragile and I would never ever hurt her in anyway, I wanna be the one who saves her... I wanna be her hero & I will stop at nothing I swear..

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