My Last Decision That I Make Alone

it will be about fighting, romance, suspense and some other stuff…..


4. To Sad To Love Nor Believe...

Dustin, Roxy and i adopted 3 horses, got a farm and some dogs also some cats. We paddle-boarded across our creek and sat down then fished for about 2 or 3 hours. All day every day. But usually on Saturday and Sunday we rode our horses to Pinitan Lake. We all enjoyed it. Sometimes we would go and drive to Vancouver and see my aunt and mother. The first time Dustin and Roxy saw them they cried for hours before we slept. They reminded them of their own mothers, I could try to hold in my tears while they were around. But for me that was to impossible. Saturday, June 19 2014, Dustin went missing. For 4 months he didn't come home, then an exact year the day he left there was a knock at the door. It was him, Roxy and i hugged him and sobbed in his shoulders…

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