My Last Decision That I Make Alone

it will be about fighting, romance, suspense and some other stuff…..


1. The Meeting

I was walking down the back ally of Columbia when i saw a homeless girl my age crying.So I stopped, wondered, stared, then helped. I took the teenage girl to my house and cared for her as if she was my only little teenage girl. She had sparkling bright blue eyes with dark black hair. Almost the same look as me. She was terrified when I took her to my home. I always have wondered why… She was no different from any other girl, she was tall, skinny, beautiful, smart. How could a poor innocent girl like that be so alone, unloved and terrified? She told me her name, it was Roxy. About a year later she was so close with me it was like we were sisters. She still lived with me, she now has a room of her own. I bought her things that "normal" teenage girls had. We have conversations and talk like we're 20. She was so quiet we i took her from the street, but she's not like that anymore...

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