My Last Decision That I Make Alone

it will be about fighting, romance, suspense and some other stuff…..


8. My Ambitions

Still Tuesday night.

Alex and my boyfriend came closer, the wolves growled. I sent the wolves off. The Guys helped me build the homes for the wolves. When the guys got cold they sat by the fire and the wolves curled around them both as if it was there own son. I sent the boys inside. I looked to my left and felt breathing over my left shoulder, the wolves growled like it was the one thing the unknown object couldn't take away from them. They're eyes went red. I bolted beside them with my recurve. I realized it was gone. The wolves came inside. Everyone finally woke up. The girls stood  and backed up the boys approached the wolves. The wolves growled and showed their 9 inch fangs. I looked outside, some random person was out there with a gun. The wolves circled him as i opened the door growling and again showing their rage. The guy said "I see you have some friends, may i join?" the wolves howled as my friend called the police. They didn't let the man go. They pinned him down, the growled louder and louder. As it turned 2:00am the police showed up and pointed their guns at the "dogs". I commanded them off. The guy ran, but he was caught and put in jail. The last thing he said to me was, "You little bitch you better watch your god damn back or you will be killed!". The police made sure he didn't leave that prison for 60 years. I thanked them about 3 months later. They didn't recognize me and my straight brown hair, blue eyes and being 6 feet at the age of 15,but the man in custody did.His yellow and blue eyes glared at my new lip piercing and lower… He swore on his life he would kill me, the police just added another year on to his time in jail.The police saw a knife in my pocket. "Whats that ya got there?" the police man asked, "Im going knife throwing with my boyfriend, we do every Wednesday." The police wondered and came to see us go knife throwing. I hit the target every time, I asked the police officer how old he was. He said he was 17, the same age as my boyfriend. My boyfriend threw a life like never before and it went through the target. I almost fainted in shock. 


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