My Last Decision That I Make Alone

it will be about fighting, romance, suspense and some other stuff…..


7. Finially

It was Tuesday,September 27,2020.


As alex and i talked, i felt the eyes of something or someone approach. It was my boyfriend. i screamed as he put his hand over my mouth from knowing i would scream. My reflexes kicked in, i bit him,kicked him and realized after a moment it was him. I reassured him it was only reflexes. I covered Alexe's mouth and my boyfriends as i grabbed my recurve. I made them go inside, i hid, laying still as a tree. Finally, the wolf pack returned. I shot the first one, and all of them until the last. The wolf quivered. I wondered, i reached out my hand. The wolf accepted the truce. The wolf came closer and closer until he shivered in my jacket. It didn't seem like a regular wolf. I took it inside and realized it was a black wolf with turquoise eyes. I took the wolf outside and sat him by a fire as i made a warm and comfy shelter. Away from the naked eye, everyone else's except mine at least. The wind howled like never before. I looked up to see another pack of wolves. This time it was a pack of the rare black wolves. I let the come over and sniff the younger wolf i made a shelter for. They accepted me like i was a leader. The listened, helped and hunted down food for the wolves and myself. Alex and my boyfriend were astonished at what they saw through the foggy window that shielded them from the cold and stormy wind. They came out, The wolves stood and circled around me as a shield. The two boys were astonished.

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