Perrie is so unpopular. She's a transfer student. She's an emo and has no family but when she meets five boys and and three girls she doesn't care about anything all she's afraid of is loosing them.


12. Zayn

Zayn's p.o.v

It's been 2 months since perrie went into a coma. There's no explains toon to why she did this. We all loved and wanted to protect her. She promised me she wouldn't.

I went into our room. I hadn't been in there since that day I found her. It was the same except I found letters on the desk. I picked them up. The first was for me.

Dear Zayn,

I know what I did was wrong but remember I will always love you. It wasn't because of you or the others. I can't tell you the real reason but it will come out after everyone's read the letters. I know I broke our promise but I couldn't help it. I just had to but when you get mad about this don't go on a massive rampage. I love you and if you ever need me look at the sky. I will always be in your heart

Love Perrie

I went and gave everyone there letter after that. I started to cry. Perrie I love you.

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