Perrie is so unpopular. She's a transfer student. She's an emo and has no family but when she meets five boys and and three girls she doesn't care about anything all she's afraid of is loosing them.


20. why??

Zayn's p.o.v

After reading the letters. We were all puzzled. Nothing added up. If she liked all of us why would she kill herself?

I decide to go on twitter since I had nothing else to do. I looked through comments.

@1dlover omfg I knew she would kill herself eventually. She was ugly why would you go out with her in the first place?

@sarah241 she is so butters how she ever lived this long only god knows

@lucy_phillips200 she deserved to die

I can't believe what people were saying. They were probably worse in her page. So I went on it and scrolled down her page till I came across a video.

It explained everything it was a video of her dying. I felt tears roll down my face. I couldn't help but let them more tears come out. Then everyone came in.

"You alright mate?" Liam and I showed them the video and in the end everyone was crying.

Omg poor Zayn. So Perrie is still in hospital so comment #Perriewilllive or #perriewilldie so comment what you think and please read some of my other fanfictions please xx

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