Perrie is so unpopular. She's a transfer student. She's an emo and has no family but when she meets five boys and and three girls she doesn't care about anything all she's afraid of is loosing them.


23. teen choice awards don't end like this

Perrie's p.o.v

The doctors said that I could go home today. It was great being with them again and I promised I wouldn't cut anymore but I don't know if I could stop. It's like an addiction once you start it's hard to stop. The doctors said I wasn't aloud to be left alone and they gave me some pills to take.

Everything had changed. Louis had a girlfriend called Elounor. Liam had a girlfriend called Sophia. Harry had a girlfriend called Taylor (a/n I know their bit going out bout just for the book) Niall was still single and the girls all had their boyfriends.

I hated meeting new people I get all nervous and shy. Today was so scary. I was meeting new people plus we had the teen choice awards. Me and the girls were nominated for five Adwords and so were the boys. Taylor was nominated for two same Awards as us and that was it

Me and the girls went upstairs and got ready. I wore a short black dress. With my hair down and curly. We walked down and the boys looked at us and smiled. I walked over to Zayn.

"You look beautiful tonight" he whispered

"Thank you and you look handsome"

"Why thank you"

"Guys the limos outside let's go" Niall said

I felt sorry for Niall he's the only one who hasn't got a date I mean like Harry's got Taylor Louis's got Eleanor Liam's got daniel Leigh-Anne's got Jordan Jesy's got jake jades got Sam and I've got Zayn.

We all got in and were talk about the awards. This was amazing. I was with my best friends. The limo stopped and we all got out and started walking down the red carpet with cameras and fans screaming. I held Zayn's hand and we walked over to some fans. We signed some pictures and took pictures with them. They were all so kind. We joined the others and went inside.

We all sat down. We were right at the back of the room. We were all waiting for it to start when I realised Harry and Taylor weren't here.

"Guys wheres Harry and Taylor?" I asked

"Oh Taylor was upset so they went out and talked here they are now" louis said

"Oh ok" I replied

"Hey guys" Harry said

"Hey" we all said

"Hello everyone welcome to the kid choice awards 2014" we all cheered "let's start with our first award the best video nominees one direction with steal my girl Taylor swift with belong with me and little mix with move and the winner is... One direction!"everyone cheered again

"We'd like to thank everyone who's voted for us. It was a hard category so thank you" Liam said

"Now the next category is best number one single. The nominees are again one direction with night changes Taylor swift with Shake it off and little mix with salute and the winner is...little mix" everyone cheered

"We'd love to say a massive thank you for the support people have given us over the past few months and another massive thank you to everyone who voted for us" I began

~skip the rest of the show~

We all got out of the car at the boys house and all went to bed. I fell into a deep sleep when I woke by Taylor grabbed me around the neck. I was about to scream when she put a cloth over my face and I passed out.

Dun dun dun. Why has Taylor done this? Comment what you think. Like for more.

Kaitie xxx

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