It all started online.....

One day, Mel and her best friend Liliana were watching 1D's twit cam..... Read the book to find out what happens :D


1. The Night Of The Twit Cam...

Niall's P.O.V:

"Louissssss!!!!!!! Why did you put pepper in my tea?!" I cried, spiting out the tea. 

"Sorry mate, i was just having a laugh." Answered Louis.

Louis had just broadcast me spitting out my tea to around 60 million people!!!!! I really do hate Louis sometimes. Tonight was one of the coolest twit cams we had ever done, it was in Wembley Stadium, which is one of the BIGGEST  stadiums in the world. Tomorrow is our con..."RINGGGG RINGGGG!" "Unknown Caller" it said, I answered it and all i heard was screaming,

"Not another fan call," I shouted down the phone, "Stuff off." 

Then all the fans started crying. "Yo Niall, you better calm you're shiz, come and say bye to the twit cam!"

"Goodbye twit cam." I replied, in a fed up tone.

As i was saying, tomorrow is our concert. 90,000,000(ninety million) people will be there to see five guys, living a normal life, on stage at the best stadium in the world. 



Hey Guys! Sorry for such a short chapter, i'm going swimming and didn't have time to finish!

Love Ya xx

Ps: Another chapter every weekend xx


From Mel xx



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