1D love <3

It's about a girl named Jessica who one day she went to Starbucks and when she walked out she ran into the one and only Louis Tomlinson who made her fall and spill coffee on herself. She got passed of so she.... read to find out the rest.


1. meeting Jessica

My name is Jessica rose Anderson and I'm 18 years old. I love 1D, mustaches , superman,the color Orange, and tigers. My favorite 1D member is Louis Tomlinson the sass masta from doncasta. I have long blonde curly hair and really pale blue eyes. I've had singing and dancing lessons all of my life. I also know karate, and kung fu. I also do gymnastics and swimming. I played football (soccer). I always wanted to be a bodyguard.



  Sorry if its short.please comment if its good and I should continue writing it. I also need a co-author.  Kik me at : gummybearsrule89 if you have any suggestions or you want to be a co author. I also need girl friends for liam,zayn,Harry, and niall. Comment or kik me your eye color,name, hair color, and personality plz.

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